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Happy Days

Wow! I've reached W5R2, well..... I will have later this afternoon, on W1R1 it seemed as if the running minutes would never be up, now happily at 5 mins and 8, hopefully this afternoon. I haven't tried running (as exercise!) before but having found C25k am loving it. Like most people i'm a touch apprehensive about the 20mins coming up in R3, but will load up some good music and have faith in Laura and the people on this forum, who have been so encouraging, so positive and helpful, not one negative or mean post, so refreshing!

I home sit, looking after peoples homes and pets, so move around a bit and although I walk at least 2 hours a day with the dogs I look after, I was looking to improve my fitness, something flexible (no set classes) and running fitted the bill, through luck found the C25k programme and haven't looked back. I wanted to take the dogs with me, obviously an elderly dachshund wouldn't thank me but the young collie that I'm looking after now, loved W5R1, his recovery rate was a little ahead of mine! Does anyone else run with dogs? I've done one session with 2 dogs, it got a little complicated with the leads!!

Thanks for all the help and encouragement!

W5R2 here we come!

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Glad you're enjoying the podcast! W5R3 sounds scary but I promise you can do it, it's not as bad as it sounds ;)


I haven't tried running with dogs. I watched our local Parkrun On Saturday (I'm not ready for the distance yet), and there were quite a few people running with dogs - or maybe being dragged along by their dog. I like the idea of being able to run in different places each week. I am sure R3 will be fine, think of it as lots of shorter runs joined up, and have a treat when you complete it. Good luck.


I run with my mini labradoodle she loves it. I find it very enjoyable until she see's another dog x


Hi cate42, I did W5R2 yesterday with the collie and he loved it only slowing me for quick pee stops! Boy dogs!! Does your labradoodle want to play with other dogs you meet? Could put Laura's timings out! I have the challenging W5R3 coming up, but will be without a dog this time.

Interesting to see the comparison, if running with a dog takes your mind off your legs?!


Dont worry about week5/3 , slow and steady and dont go off to fast and you will rock it :D


Thanks for your encouragement, 'THE RUN' will be tomorrow, hope its not still raining, glad I have a rest day today, pouring down outside just now.

Somebody said just think of it as lots of short runs.....but joined together!!


Hi K9, Welcome xxx,

Ive got 2 pugs , I dont run with them though .Pugs arent exactly built for speed or distance, but then again neither am I ha ha :-)

Sounds like youre really getting stuck into the programme , its fab innit ?

Dont stress too much about Week 5 Run 3, everybody worries about it, but if you start off slow and keep it steady and not panic , you will be fine.

Just have a read of all the posts where folk have completed it after feeling exactly the same as you ( We all felt the same )

Plus , you will feel amazing when youve done it, it is a major milestone in the programme .

You can do it , you really can ! :-) xxx


Thanks Poppypug, its going ok, I did the W5R2 yesterday in sunshine, glad I have a rest day its rain hard just now! I ran with the collie I'm looking after and he also loved it. Got to get some music sorted, Mr Shuffle does quite well but All revved up and no place to go, Meat Loaf, made me smile! The 20 mins run will be a mind thing, I find it helps if I can think of my' to do' list, a shopping list any thing really, other than my legs! Thanks again.


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