Good evening all, hope you are all well! I have a question, I currently have some nike dart 10's and I think these shoes are my problem, I think they are for high arches, which I thought I had, it looks however I was wrong and have flat feet and overpronate, which is probably causing my shin splints due to Wrong shoes. I can't afford a running shop to analyse my feet as I'm poor lol is there anything I could do that's cheap to get the right shoes?

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  • My local running shops do a gate analysis for free. Don't assume the ones near you will charge - ask them.

  • I've just had my gait analysed, and really recommend it. It didn't cost me anything, and the shoes I bought were £70. I know that seems a lot, but they should last me 500 miles (that's YEARS of 5ks!) I'm sure a running shop will give you free advice - you could then search online for a bargain. Good luck!

  • Usually a reputable sport shop will do free gait analysis and take back shoes which don't work for you up to 28 days, that's worth a lot when shoes are so expensive.

  • There is a very free free free wet foot test that shows if you over, under or normal pronate - check it out here

    Gait analysis can be suspect - but if you get it for free - fine

  • difficult one , all i can add is I had a very positive experience of gait analysis and new shoes , certainly noticed a difference in how it felt when running :D Some stores do it for free other charge a fee but then will discount your shoes if you buy from them ... they diy option is also there too as a guide :D

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