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Done it and priud

I have just completed week 4 run 3. It wasn't easy but I carried on. It was great out there today. The weather isn't the best, not raining but damp but there were loads of runners out. They all smiled as they passed in the opposite direction. I think they were being friendly but they could have been laughing at my total lack of style. I run like pheobe from friends. I have done all of my training either in the dark or on deserted industrial estates so today was the first time I have encountered people when I can actually see their faces :-) . I am lucky enough to live on the glorious North Wales Coast and am looking forward to the coastal path being dry enough to run on. I am not looking forward to week 5 but will give it a go. If I fail I will just repeat week 4 forever :-)

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Hi! Every run I've done has been hard and at the end of each 'week' I think that I will have to repeat that week before I can move on. But I haven't. I've just given the next week a go and guess what- its been hard too but onwards I go; getting a little bit fitter each time. There is no shame in repeating a week/run. Just give each run a try and remember that feeling of elation when you finish it! You can do this!!


Hi. That's what has got me this far. I try it and so far have managed it. I feel like I am going to die at the time but feel elated once I am home and in my onsie :-) . I will give it a go. 4 weeks ago I struggled with 60 seconds running today I ran for 5 minutes :-)


Well done for getting out there with the other runners! I'm sure no one is laughing at your style, we're all different and I run like Groucho Marx! Today was indeed a great day for running, I saw lots of runners, cyclists (grrr!), and rowers on the Cam. At least they all smiled at you, Cambridge seems to be a bit snooty..Week 5 will be fine, good luck!


if you have completed the runs each week ,move onto the next weeks runs :D week 5 always seen daunting if you look ahead but dont worry you can and will do it :D

Just take each run as it comes, run them slow and steady and dont go off to quick :D


Other runners smiled because you are a runner too and it's a very select club! Don't worry about style. Paula Radcliffe hasn't got the "perfect" style but she does ok!

The programme has prepared you for week 5 so you are ready. Just tell your head to get on with it. You will do it.

Your coastal path sounds glorious. You'll have to post some pictures for us.

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