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first run of the year

After almost six weeks of no running and knee pain (started after I stopped running) I came back for my first run today. I did the step up podcast on my way out and used the speed podcast for the way back, although I had to walk four of the five recovery intervals but then continued at a slow pace all the way back to the start. altogether approx one hour of running with six 165bpm intervals and four minutes of walking. 7km - slow - lots of room for improving

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Welcome back kristina. That's a lot of running for your first time back, so well done. How are the knees?


Thanks, I wasn't sitting on the couch though, having spend two weeks at altitude should help a little with general fitness. now the plan is to build on it.

It's actually only the left knee that hurts (and the right heel) so i guess I'm pretty asymmetrical and i need to find a way to address that. The difference in my legs is now actually visible;-)

The first few minutes of the run I was just trying to find a way to avoid too much impact on my left knee, after that it was OK until I sat down at my desk again when it turned pretty bad. I took some ibuprofen before going to bed to hopefully reduce the inflammation bit and did some gentle gentle stretching and surprise - this morning it was a lot better than at any time during the last few weeks. So keep running and try and lose some weight to reduce the strain.


Well done, indeed that's a lot of running for your first time back. I love those podcasts, never managed two in one go!


I just like to continue running until I reach a new stretch of canal - so I need to do something on the way back and the podcasts just happen to be in that order. The interval training actually works - I normally have a kind of shuffle instead of "proper running" , only during the slightly faster intervals I manage something more energetic, but haven't got the cardio fitness yet to keep it up for more than a minute at a time.


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