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noobie starting c25k.


Hello all, found this community while researching the c25k app for reviews. mostly positive so thought id give it a go. I have never run before. I am over weight and looking to change. Hopefully this is the place to start.

wish me luck.

frizz x

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You've come to the right place! I started this 2 years ago, very over weight, very unfit and as a ex smoker, completely convinced this was wouldn't work for me. I was so wrong! I ran in the winter darkness as I was too embarrassed to be seen in the light. That lasted about 2 weeks , then i couldn't give a toss. I was so happy to be off the couch.

Great programme, just stick with it. Go as slowly as you need to and you get there. Each stage is such a mile stone ( pardon the pun). Run for 60 seconds? Who are they kidding? 3 minutes. Oh, come on. And so it goes. You surprise yourself and do it and it's fantastic. You find yourself out in the wind and rain, sometimes with a stitch in your side but feeling great at the end of each session and the feeling of pride is overwhelming.

Good luck. You'll do it.


Hello welcome to the forum and welcome to C25K!! I too had never run before starting C25K and I'm now on week 6 and can't believe the progress I've made. Just take your time and listen to Laura (the amazing voice of the podcast!). Good luck and keep us posted :)


Then this is the right place for you! Hello and welcome :) It's a great program and Laura will guide you through it step by step (hard to avoid the puns!) If you need any help or encouragement or the occasional kick up the bum then this is the place to come for it. Plus we all like to hear how you are getting on :) All you need to do now is get off that couch, put on your shoes and head out that door :) Happy running :)


Good luck. Just remember it's not about speed at this time, that comes later. Right now just go as slow as you need to complete the session


I am on week 4. I had never run before but am doing great. Each week I have the attitude that if I can't complete the run 1 I will repeat last week. So far I have only repeated week 1 (I started whilst still recovering from a chest infection) you well be surprised each week about how much you can do. Good luck


Watch out with this forum, it can become completely addictive! I used to be a big FaceBook user, now I'm here more than there! Good luck with C25K, it really works xx


Welcome Frizz, you're in the right place. This is the most positive, uplifting place on the whole of the web. You'll get funny stories, motivation, encouragement, great advice, some really bonkers posts, and also inspirational posts that will make you want to cry.

Start C25K today, post here often and the support you get will turn you into a 30-minute runner. No problems. Even if you don't lose a lot of weight during C25K, you'll become more toned (and your friends will insist that you are losing weight).

There is nothing - nothing - as successful as C25K to get you running. Don't start any fancy diets, don't pay a membership at a gym. Follow the podcasts 3 times a week and during the late spring you'll be running 5km ParkRun on a Saturday morning. If you have any spare money, getting measured for some proper running shoes in a few weeks will be beneficial (don't buy them just yet).

And as Laura (the coach on the podcasts) says "You can do this".

We're all looking forward to hearing your progress.


(This time last year I was an overweight, middle-aged man. Now I can run 10km and can run 5km in just under 26 minutes. And before Christmas :-( I had lost 8kg).

Hi, go for it. I had never ran till 5 weeks ago and yesterday ran for a full 20 minutes. The enormous sense of achievement felt after each week is amazing. I run cross country get cacked in mud. I Love It !!!!!!! Good luck

MarkyDGraduate in reply to emmaleonard44

W5r3?? Congratulations.

I need my eyes checked. I thought your nickname was emmalardon. <blush>

Well done for taking up the challenge, and this is certainly the right community for help and encouragement, welcome aboard. The only advice I can give is to follow Laura podcasts, take it slowly and you will be fine. Happy running. 😊


Hi I am new too so hopefully we can get going with advice and help here! I am overweight too but have lost some so now feeling more confident about trying this 😁


That could very well be the best decision of your life ;) Good luck and get out there!

Hi, all I can say is its great, I have never been able to stick to a workout plan before, I am 21st and I start week 7 on thursday, if I can suceed then anyone can x


You say the sweetest things KK.

I embarked on week 9 yesterday! Looking back ( probs about 15 weeks, i stayed on a couple of weeks a but longer) i can honestly say i am still in shock. I never thought I'd get off w1. C25k is like magic, if you trust in the plan you really can do it.

I too am 4 stone overweight but am loosing a lb or 2 every week am toned and can run for 30 minutes. I am covering about 4.5k at the moment its my goal to do the 5k in 30 mins one day.

Good luck and believe in Laura!


Yes, such fun!


Hi frizz I'm into wk6r2 now and I have to admit this program works excellently. Just go at your own pace and enjoy. I'm finding it so easy now as I get fitter. I will say thou get a gait analysis and buy some proper running shoes so you don't get injured. My running has been so much better since I did that. All my clothing is from sports direct except my berghaus top lol. It's great. Enjoy and keep in touch with us all and we will keep you running regards J


Good Luck Frizz!!! you can do it!

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