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Freezing fog and 31 minutes!!!

Well went out for week 8 run 2.I really really really did not want to go.... thought its not going to be a good experience. I had nt worked out how my new 610 Garmin worked and so just used the stop watch on my ipod.Did n't even listen to Laura as I had the classic fm tracks . And boy was I surprised it felt really really really good!!!I wish I had taken 610 with me. I was slow but ended up doing 31 minutes... so very happy!

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well done pot :D sounds like a great run for you , they better get your badge out and start polishing it for you :D


Yep... it seems I might actually finish this time(fingers and toes crossed)!


Woohoo almost there now. Have you started planning your graduation party?


Well funny you should say that as I was going to invite all forumites and Mo Farah...... but the thought of writing all those invites put me off 😉😉

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Well done, not long now! And well done for getting out there in the fog, I hate fog!


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