Happy! My android can pick up the forum again!

Just incase anyone else had problems with losing access to the site when it updated many months ago, i can report that my elderly andriod tablet, which ceased picking up the forum when the changeover happened MONTHS ago, has been restored. I tried all kinds to fix it and had pretty much got to thinking that i would have to upgrade ( but with no funds to do so it would have been a while!) as this is a essential reading for me! :) When i casually clicked on the email notification to "continue reading" that we get each morning and it b****y worked! Yay, am happy bunny with this, and Boz v relieved that he now has his modern tablet returned to him( miraculously his "favourites"screen is c25k), but i thinks he does sneek a look as seems to know some of you now! :x thanksto HU if you have somehow changed the setting? X


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22 Replies

  • It's nice (n'est pas?) when something you had given up on returns - bit like running really :)

  • That talking from experience ru-non?!!! C'est la vie! Don't know how it happened but its good, just missing the predictive text from the modern tablet! :) haven't seen you for a while? X

  • Boot of Curse (this is my attempt at a French accent)! I have been having trouble with technology this week but with a less positive result - I bought a heart rate strap thingy to go with my GPS watch so I could try and train in heart rate zones and become bionic or something. For the first K it all went well - nice gentle increase in HR so I thought I'll try some intervals and my heart rate started to climb 140... 160... 190... 210... 565!!! Even Doctor Who can't do that with his two hearts. So back to Argos it went. I shall revert back to my 'If I can breath it's Ok and I'm probably still alive' motto! :) X

  • Sacre bleu! You're doing well to be alive after that! :) you look like bionic man anyway:)

  • C25k forumites, we can rebuild him, we have the technology.

    We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man.

    Runon will be that man.

    Better than he was before. Better , Stronger , Faster..... :-D xxx

  • Heavens to Murgatroyd Poppers - We can do it - we will run on and on and on and I can change my name to Runonanononon...!!! :))

  • Ideal candidat, well said poppy:) hows your rebuild going? Hope you get some good news soon on that hip? George dog sends you a giant waggy tail breeze to blow the blues away :)

  • Thanks Ali xxx Im still in the knackers yard awaiting spare parts :-)

    Big kiss and a tickle on the belly for George :-)

    Hope you and Boz are well xxx

  • Thank you - I think that is a compliment :) I am working on bionic legs anyway :))

  • You truely are bionic, its the go faster running tights!:)

  • I suspect I am more android than bionic - my superman tights also enable me to fly - but I'm saving that one for the Great Manchester Run (Fly) to impress Poppers. (PS - I agree Poppers needs to get the hip sorted pronto - the NHS is giving out free spells this week to ease waiting lists - Arbracadabra... :)

  • Hey Runon,

    You are absolutely tip top , top drawer as you are although if you do fly at the GMR , that will that be very impressive ! :-D

    You will be in the super fast supersonic Wave and I will be with SpongeBob Square Pants and Bananas in Pyjamas.

    Hey , I wonder if that guy will be there who runs with a fridge on his back ?, it will be very handy to pop our packed lunches in there and pick 'em up at the end . Forward planning Runon, forward planning ........

    Stick with me Runon, and you wont go far wrong :-D xxx

  • hi poppy, this came to me instead of runon , not sure i f he will get it aswell but thought i'd let you know :)

  • Thanks Ali xxx Im getting a bit mixed up with my replies :-D xxx

  • What a sooper-dooper idea - making Jeeves run with a fridge a fridge - I shall also have a man with a tv and surround sound system so we can watch the Hollyoaks Omnibus and also a man carrying a cafe so we can order frappucino's as we run and a man carrying a masseur for us and ...

    About 2500 people ran past my house yesterday in The Mad Dog Southport Run - I knew nothing of this until two days ago it was so well advertised! Amongst them was a man in a wheelbrrow and a couple of Nuns - and a woman in a hot air balloon! So I'm not he only one flying :) xxx

  • Morning Runon , we should go the whole hog, we should get some ringers in to run for us , whilst we go around the corner to Costa Coffee Ha ha !

    I was meaning to ask you about the Southport 10k , have you seen Toon Lou's post ? she did it , got a shiny bit o' bling too ! :-D xxx

  • Welcome home! Love your tags.

  • Thanks curly its good to have it back! didn't notice the tags! Never knew what they did til clicked on one the other week, wonder what else is on those two! :)

  • I too have an elderly android (antediluvian android - how's that? ;-) ) - just checked and I too can get the site again after months of a blank page! Took ages to log in through as the keyboard keeps disappearing, and then the page keeps scrolling up and down randomly. Better than nothing though!

  • That sounds identical to me yesterday, nearlt gave up ( that up and down screen was VERY ANNOYING! ,) wasn't convinced my password was right, but once it EVENTUALLY happened it been ok though a bit slower than Boz's. Shame the battery doesn't last long and i trod on the charger ages ago so have to get it balanced in just rhe right way! But still, it was great for it to work after that blank screen before! :)

  • I think it's time I got a new phone... mine is nearly old enough to start school ;-)

  • Mine too! :(

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