The Doc who gave up (prescription​) drugs BBC 1

Evening all

I just watched the second episode of the above named program.

Quite interesting on several fronts.

Firstly he prescribed some patients to do exercise. When they didnt do the exercise he gave them quite the pep talk. Basically saying would you miss an x-ray appointment? No. Would you miss an MRI scan? No. Would you miss chemotherapy? No.

So why miss an exercise session that you can arrange in your own time...

An intersting thought!

Also a group of patients were 'prescribed' 5 30 minute walks every week for eight weeks. All lost weight and demonstrated reduced high risk factors for diabetes and stroke etc.

So What I will try and do from now on, even on my rest days is to go for a 25-30 minute power walk minimum. Though some rest days I have gone for a swim. But basically we should all go for 30 minutes of exercise daily, even just a powerwalk.

One thing one of them was keen to point out was that the walk has to be a brisk pace, ie if you can talk easily, then you are not walking fast enough (unless you have another condition)

Quite an interesting program.


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  • I am also aware that walking on rest days may go against the grain. But a walk should be okay; the walk will help with the aerobic capacity development, and yet shouldn't be a pace to affect muscle development too much after all most of us probably walk 30 minutes over the course of the day...

    Just try and do it as an exercise session!

  • "Rest Days",

    are days WITHOUT this training program !!

    On these days, you can do whatever you wish,

    that does NOT Compare to running !!

    Might wish to keep a lower BPM.

  • Re the BPM I agree....

  • Get a dog .. if you take your ownership responsibility seriously then a daily 30 minute walk is easily possible ;) .. PS if anyone is looking to rehome a German Shepherd let me know .. ;)

  • German Shepherd Rescue...

    Or, for people whose lifestyle isn't suitable but can do dog walking The Cinnamon Trust is great - people volunteer not just full fostering but dog walking for people who are not able to do it for a while or any more.

    Mind you, my cousin ended up with her initially dog walked, then fostered GSD through Cinnamon Trust (lovely dog)

  • Lovely idea :)

  • Our neighbours have 10 dogs, 8 are huskies. Do they take them out - no - they are shut in cages all the time except for the out time out in the garden. It's so sad 😥

  • Might wish to check with local SPCA !!

  • I intend to

  • A Dog, is GREAT !!

    It WILL take YOU out for a walk, each day !!

  • Really interesting programme especially about pain management and the grasp of the pharma industry.....underlined the power of exercise as you say and the benefits we can all have from it

  • Yes it was, very! I enjoyed it but it confirmed much of what I thought about GP's

  • IF I got my "Medicine" License,

    I WOULD be "prescribing" actual FULL exercise Programs.

    (and you think this C25k is "Strict" ??)

    In "Actual" life, know many doctors that have done similar.

    As a Coach, still am getting various patients

    into Exercise programs that their doctors

    might "approve".

  • Following major surgery for serious lung condition (he was never a smoker btw) it was walking that got my OH back to walking , so to speak! He could not even walk up the ward to begin with. After discharge we started slow and not too far, always going somewhere 'green', and building distance every day, just a little at a time. Six months later he is back to walking as far as he wants for as long as he wants. Increased pace came as a side effect of the building distance and determination. So also now can walk as fast as he wants too! The pyscological impacts should also not be over looked - fresh air, wildlife, plants, trees, water, thinking time, talking time 👍🏼

    We walk most days, use it or loose it!

  • A Friend of mine, was having a really tough time.

    She really has improved

    by using her "prescribed" fitness program

    (From me, and not her "Doctors")

    >>Full description below<<


    ******FULL description of Programs Progress******


    -Her doctors said "She is TOO old" ??!!??

    -Her "friends" teased her about getting a walker ??!!??

    -She needed more and more frequent rests !!

    -She was told "She is TOO overweight to do anything"

    -She was loosing more and more friends

    -Then she got ill

    >>was "caught" before became terminal,

    >--still many of her friends and family

    >--were "demanding" that she

    >--have her Funeral Prepared !!

    -Not quite with her permission (con-job ??)

    got her into a walking training program !!

    (Doctor DID NOT Approve !!)

    -Then she talked about walking from her "support" center.

    -Accepted this and congratulated her (a lie? she will PAY !!).

    -Have given her a goal of at least 1 x 15mins walk, PER DAY !!

    (if she lied about walks, it is time for her to PAY !!)

    ***note: she has some confusion about:

    "at least" vs "Absolute amount" ***


    -She has lost over 20lbs (9kg, 1 stone)

    -Her hip "saddle bags", are almost gone

    -Her legs, now have SHAPE

    -She considers "Walking", BEFORE considering the Bus

    -She does SEVERAL walks a day, that are LONGER than 15min

    (EACH being MUCH more than most of her "friends" )


    -She has gotten a Boy-Friend !!


    -Have her signed up as a part of our team,

    on a charity walk (Oct 02)

    -Her doctor, "DEMANDS" that she not go

  • I don't think the power of any form of exercise can be underestimated for both mental and physical health- just the fact of getting outdoors re connects us to the world and takes our mind off of our selves

  • People do miss X ray and MRI appointments and, perhaps less often but it certainly happens, chemo sessions too, hard as it may be for others to understand. (If you want to change behaviours you have to understand the barriers)

    Powerwalk is one of those words like 'jog' which I find unhelpful. I like 'walk' and 'run'

  • NO "half" terms for you !!

  • I know people do miss all sort of health appoinments...

    But what the presenter was trying to do is to change people's mindsets; that exercise is important to our well being, both physically and more importantly possibly mentally.

    I use the term Power walk to suggest a walk with purpose rather than a slow meander on a sunday afternoon after a large Roast.


  • There is such a thing as

    "an evening Constitutional Walk" !!

    Many Seniors (over 70) as well as others,

    find that this "Walk" is a NECESSITY !!

    Each evening, at Least,

    they "MUST" go for such a walk,

    to help get the Bowels moving.

    Also to help "Fight" many problems related to age.

    -Constipation -Arthritis -Diabetic -Cancer

    -Poor blood Flow -Breathing -Brain/Thinking

    -Depression -Osteoporosis -Hyper/Hypo Activity

    -Edginess -Coordination -and more ...

    These "Walks" are to be at LEAST 30min,

    with the best times to start

    being between 30min and 90min

    AFTER EACH Meal !!

    NOTHING is mentioned about distance or speed.

    The goals of the "Walk" are to get the bowels moving,

    with the constant motion and slight increase of blood flow.

  • Doesn't sound very appealing does it - 'constitutional' sounds much nicer!

  • I too, hate the word 'jog'. Dunno why. Maybe because for me it conjures up visions of velour track suits

  • "Jog" is NOT a Nice word for me, Either !!

    Seen TOO MANY "Joggers", who "CAN'T" Jog !!

    >>Watch them RUN to pass me while I'm Walking !!

    >>Some,WEAR OUT their shoes in 2km (1mile) !!

    >>MANY, SEEM to be HOLDING themselves BACK !!

  • Walking is underestimated as a form of exercise. I live about a 35 minute walk from the city centre where I work and walk there and back most days; just getting the bus once or twice a week if I'm in a rush or feel like I deserve after a long run. There is always a big queue at bus stop nearest me and loads of traffic. If more people would walk or cycle to work/school it would make a massive difference to health, obesity levels and the environment. GPs really should be more proactive in promoting exercise for health.

  • As a coach,

    I OFTEN DO "prescribe" ("Con" into) fitness programs for people (even IF AGAINST their doctor's Opinions)

    This program, is one such program to "prescribe"

    There is "similar" programs of:

    "Confined to bed, to 10x15 min walks per day !!"

    This program, may be compared to "preparing for C25k"

  • I agree, I have really enjoyed watching these, and its all there that exercise is the best. As for the kung Fu, that was incredible....

  • Hi Ju-ju

    It was incrediable

    As iwas watching I commented that she would need some form of persoanl trainer for one to one, but Iwasnt expecting the martial art aspect.

    but the logic was good and it worked...

    Unfortuantely not every one can affoerd it. My local gym wants to charge £45 for a PT session ontop of gym membership fees!!

  • Therein lies the big problem :(

  • Or youcan pay for four... But if you postpone one, youcannot carry it over to the next month!!

  • These are some of the reasons for this group !!

    Many, find the gym costs to be RIDICULOUSLY

    TOO HIGH !!

    Why should it cost you your first born,

    just to get up and run ??!!??

    There are MANY here,

    who have GOOD advice for running !!

    Then there are the Cheering Squads !!

  • Love this! Chrystal's face said it all:)))) totally agree, all doctors surgeries should set up a daily 30min walk program, it wouldn't cost anything...

  • But we will all find a pathetic excuse not to do the exercise such as too busy or the weather!

    I know I've done it!!

    But those days I have forced myself to go out I never regretted it!

  • I often FIND some "better" excuses ??!!??

    It might take some Effort and IMPROVISING,

    but GETTING OUT is WORTH IT !!

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