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Wk4 run2

Just finished the second run of wk4. This is the first run I have done outside, as I have done the rest on my treadmill, and really enjoyed it. It was cold but soon heated up. Endomondo said I did 4.11 k so I am, quite pleased with myself (got to blow your own trumpet). The last time I attempted the C25K I think I put too much thought into it. I just make myself relax and don't think too much about my breathing and I am taking it slowly. That, I think was my problem the last time, I was going too fast, tiring myself out of course ,then I was defeated. Hopefully this time I will get to graduate.

I really love the music for the final five minute cool down walk. I actually felt myself wanting to skip. Some of you must be music lovers and know what this piece of music is.

Till next time.

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Slow and steady then slower still is mantra here :D well don:e on your run , skipping is allowed too :D also jumping in the air and shouting at the top fo your voice or was taht just me haha


Great to hear that you are enjoying it - that's the way to go to ensure the the running habit 'sticks'. Slow is definitely better at this stage - speed can wait til post graduation. Just concentrate on working though the program and making sure you go slow enough to complete each challenge. The satisfaction you will get from that will make up for any perceived lack of speed. Look back and see how much you have improved (try running week 1run 1 again - I used to every now and then as an extra, just to remind myself of how far I had come!) Good luck - you are almost half way there!


Well done, that's a good distance too. As far as the music is concerned, I don't think there is anything "famous" in the podcasts (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) I think they were all made by Audiofuel especially for this programme.


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