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Wk6 Run2 completed

This evening was time for wk6 run2.

First 10 min run I found to be a bit of a slog tbh, but got into my stride a bit more at beginning of 2nd 10 min run and if seemed better. Also my pace seems to have picked up, my walk periods now seem to be at the pace my very slow jog used to be at the beginning. I've just got to be careful on the next one I think though now to go too quickly at the beginning, but stay slow and steady.

For some reason though tonight my feet really ache, nothing painful just achy and my trainers felt like they were a bit too tight. Could this be because of the weather and feet swell up a bit more or is it to do with running anyway?

P.s I have no problem treating myself to new trainers if I have to!! Lol

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Well done Slinkyminky you are storming. I think your swollen feet is the heat and if they swelled as you ran they would feel tight and ache at the end. You need to get your feet up with something cool I your hand to drink. X😉

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Haha I'm more a cup of tea kind of gal!

Hopefully it's just the weather; I'm sure the amount of weight above my feet doesn't help either x

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I'm with you on the tea! And agree probably the heat, maybe wear thinner socks on hot days, or be careful to do laces a tiny bit looser

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Yea I agree with Hidden, feet up and a cold drink is the way forward! I'm sure this heat is having all kinds of effects on lots of aspects of this running lark though. Well done you on picking up your pace despite the heat and longer runs, just proves your stamina must be increasing! 👍🏻👍🏻


Sounds like you have got this x


Great run Slinkyminky...

Yes definately start your next run a bit slower and you will smash it.

Im sure the hot weather is the reason your feet hurt. Probably did swell a bit. Keep them loosely laced but do a double knot..

Good luck with run 3.. you are doing brilliantly..😊


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