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Glllllorioussss sunshine yay!

Forced myself out for a run this morning, it was damn bitter.... Could have stayed in quite easily, but gave myself a stern talking to :-)

It was gorgeous , then the sun came out and all was well.

Ran 5k and feeling magnificent ! Won't feel guilty when I have a mhooosive pub meal later either now will I!? Celebrating my lovely old Dad being 85 xx

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It's flipping cold though. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well done Caro! Enjoy your birthday party. To go mad you need to have run at least a half marathon! A 5k will get you an extra roast tater! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Oh ***sad face*** I'll just have a little salad then... ( and a enormous glass of wine) :-D


Extra chips for that lady! It was lovely when I ran this morning, but is grey and horrid now. Glad I braved the ice when I did!


Just feel good for getting out at all really, well done useit... good timing! How is the training for increasing your distance going?


Slowly but surely - with the emphasis on slowly! 7k this morning but it was mighty slippy.


Well done for 7k- slowly but surely is the right recipe ( stop calling me Shirley) ;-)

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Well done Caroline :) it does feel great when you have a run like that and a pub meal sounds a great reward , enjoy :D :D


Happy birthday to Dad :) and congrats with the lovely run. It's a great feeling when it all comes together and just feels wonderful.


Well done on getting out there! and a Happy Birthday to your Dad too x :-D


Helloooooo. Good on you for getting out in the sun and the gooood feeling, but brrrrr :D Tis a wonderful thing (but not the brrrrrr) :D No such luck runs are all squishy squashy booo, being as there has been a constant flow of snow/ice/snow oh and more ice...boooo! Had thawed some today, so did yesterday's run today, but had to run over the same ground ooodles, coz there was still that bloomin' ice on the nice bits I haven't run on in an age! No doubt I'll be complaining about the sky high temps soon enough and wearing a vest and shorts (for the first time in years in public) and will still not be cooool enough ;-) . Hope that pub grub was fabby...sounds like a smashing idea! :D xx


Helloooo my wee friend! Glad to see you've still got this running bug!! I can't shake it either; great isn't it ;-)

I had a lovely meal with my Dad & rest of family yesterday, I indulged just a tad... well why not ;-)

I'm trying to erase the image of short , shorts and a vest for summer running!?!?! Really? Is that necessary?! I would def scare the natives here haha!

I'm not up to 10k yet by the way, but DID manage 9 last week so pretty happy with that ( but still sloooooow) . I'm doing my proper like 10k 'run' on the 22nd March ..... Blimin 'eck, that's not long now....

Happy running to you Tiki , take care on that flipping ice, ice baby ;-) xxx


Them natives...they need a good scare, don't you think? Maybe you're right and that was why capri's were invented (not the car, you understand!)

Well done in the mean feat! I've only done the one 10k, so far and have aaaaages until I brave the race scene (August for me)...tou're much braver than me....bloomin' March..I would be eeeeking much! Lol

Good luck with the training - you will smash it! :D


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