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Completed W4R1 in this mornings sunshine


I felt really good and pleased with myself. As soon as I got home I even took the dogs out for a walk as feeling very energetic. However, as the day has worn on I can feel my legs and arms!! Starting to ache. Please tell me this will not therefore make my next run harder to do as I was feeling so good this morning.

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Well done Doodle! I'm sure you will be recovered by your next run. I am aching a bit today too- did W4R3 this morning and then a walk with other half this pm. Now I am dreading W5, I may repeat W4, I am getting a bit puffed and still very slow. Good luck.

P1glet1Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Don't worry, I was very slow until the regular distance runs of week 7 and now I am just 'slow'. Speed will come later! Don't dread week 5, you can do it :D

no-excuseGraduate in reply to P1glet1

Thanks P1glet1 your words are very encouraging! I will give it a go. I must say the feeling is great when I have managed to do the runs. Its just that I think I can walk faster and not get so puffed, I suppose its the 'running action' that's tiring me . Still, onwards and upwards...


You'll feel good next run too. Did you remember to do your stretches after your run? I ache if I don't do them!


Deep Heat is your friend at times like this. Don't worry a little aching is normal, try gentle stretches and heat to ease it.

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