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Slowing down and cadence?

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Hi, I’m re-doing C25K after not quite completing 2 years ago, after which I stopped running altogether. :-(

This time I’m trying to *really* run the whole time, which means slowing down, not stop/starting when I get puffed out (Exercise Induced Asthma).

My question is: When you slow down does your cadence stay the same?

I feel like, to slow down enough to breathe and not stop, I have to run in slow motion, almost like I’m bouncing along slowly like an astronaut on the moon. Should I be shortening my stride to a shuffle and keeping the same cadence? Does anyone else feel silly doing this??

Sorry if this is a stupid question...

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Not silly.

Laura encourages you to shorten your stride and have short,quick, light steps and find your comfortable happy cadence.

Of course you will be aware of the C25k programme slow and steady footfall under your hips, gently kissing the ground and slow to allow you to take on the extra oxygen you need to sustain your non stop running period.

It reduces the risk of injury also.

The Laura part is consistant,of course, but is from her post graduate podcasts when ready to increase your cadence/bpm.

Hope this helps and pleased to see you renew this gift to yourself.🌟👏👏

It does not have to, imagine running on the spot,and high knees etc., your cadence could be anything you are capable of.

Find your happy pace and steps/min,that is all that is important.Conversational pace, speed etc comes later.🌟👏👏

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Not sure of the right answer Phil. I didn’t even know what a cadence was (edited from candence, see I definitely don’t know), but I reckon most people seeing me run might wonder if I’m actually walking 😂. But I don’t mind, I’m loving it!! I don’t check times or distance, I just enjoy the run! It’s brilliant you’re back out there! Good luck to you!! ❤️

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Your pace should be an easy conversational pace, at which you can hold a clear ungasping conversation throughout the run intervals, so that you don't need to slow down to catch your breath.

It is all explained in the guide to the plan

As far as I am concerned, if you slow down, you reduce your cadence.

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philmabsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you for putting this post together, it’s brilliant, I will go and re-read it :-)

With the C25k programme reduced injury risk considerations, definately the only advice.👍

Do not overstride, footfall under hips.👍

I think later eg. running on hills, short quick steps, short stride may not necessarily result in reduced pace.🤔

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Thank you everyone! :-)

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As for ‘bouncing along’, one tip Jo Whiley mentioned was to imagine running alongside a hedge where a person walking on the other side could just see your head, they shouldn’t be able to tell wether you were running or walking, in other words, don’t waste energy on bouncing up & down, rather try and keep your run smooth.

And of course, slow & steady 😉

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Ah yes, now you mention it, I remember the hedge thing from before, thanks for the reminder, I will try not to do the astronaut thing 😆

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