Thanks c25k!

2 years ago I smoked 30 cigarettes a day, although if doc asks it was 20 ok? I gave up and in April 2013 started on this crazy c25k journey. I didn't quite imagine then that I would be capable of running 200 yards, let alone 13.1 miles!

I don't often post as I'm not always sure I have that much to say. However I do lurk on this forum and see everyone else's stories, tips, queries and encouragement.

It has also given me the tools and confidence to search out training programmes that I know will suit me, past the first push by Laura.

This is quite possibly the friendliest online forum I've ever come across and can only sing its praises for helping me on my way! Good luck to everyone else, wherever you are on your path, keep with it everyone.

Well I did it, today I managed to run a half marathon official time 2:18:38. This forum has more to do with that than you might expect! So thank you.


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24 Replies

  • Thanks kitty,

    If it's an ambition for you I feel it will happen!

    I am dead proud and would never managed that if still smoking, so hope I will never ever go back there. Not missing it much so far!

    Sounds like you've beaten the cigs too, so well done you too! It's amazing what can happen when we put our minds to it.

  • Gosh you kept that quiet slowworm! Fantastic achievement and a great time for a HM! Really well done to you.

  • May have been wriggle room, just in case I chickened but thank you!

  • Slowworm WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? That's incredible. If you don't post more often, I'm sending the boys raaahnd!!

  • Aw fanks!

  • Half Marathon and you didn't tell us??? Naughty you, fabulous you!

  • Like I say, I wasn't actually sure myself that I'd do it! But I did and at least some of the credit is down to this lovely forum! Sorry I'm not so chatty on a regular basis, but I promise I'll update on all important stuff though!

  • Hi Slow worm ! Well that is amazing , I would be shouting it from the rooftops ha ha :-)

    Well done to you that is a fabulous achievement, you should be so proud of yourself.

    Aw, you really should post more often, it would be really interesting to read of your experiences and it sounds like you have so much to be proud of.

    Nice to meet you and dont be a stranger ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks poppy,

    I will try my best! Perhaps not for the next week as my plan says a rest mon, tue,wed, thu, fri ? I suppose I could update how my stiffness eases!

  • Aw you can come on here just for a chat , the more the merrier !

    Enjoy your rest ! :-) xxx

  • ?

  • That was a smiley face gone wrong!

  • well done slowworm :D like you I am an ex smoker but only of a year so far , your run/distance/time just show what we can do :D :D

  • Thank you. Ooh well done on the no smoking The next year will fly by. It is quite amazing isn't it?

  • Wow well done and a fantastic time. Well done!

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations!..for both the half marathon and for giving up smoking.

  • Thank you, not sure which was the bigger battle looking back...

  • Wow that is fantastic, well done! Keep posting pleeease! We really are a nosey lot x ;-)

  • Thank you! I will try and keep up my posting!

  • Well done - not just a hm, but a brilliant time, too! Fantastic job! You must be really chuffed.

  • Thanks i am, a bit stiff too, but chuffed as well!

  • Great post and what an achievement. A HM in that time is superb well done

  • thats a fantastic achievement! congratulations! :)

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