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Any advice?

Hey everyone

I tried doing the couch to 5K before but had to stop as I badly hurt my knee. I found that when I was running, my hips, ankles and knees were really aching. This is mainly due to my weight but I'd like to give it another go to help me loose weight and get fitter.

Any advice on how to complete the couch to 5K for overweight people without causing injury?

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hi and welcome, you wont go far wrong with Kitty's advise :D build up slowly so your body,joints and muscles get used to the idea of a running motion :) then in time before you know it ,you will be out there running :D


I'm well overweight as well. I ran far too fast at first and I was lucky not to be injured. I run much slower now. Exercises to strengthen your legs and your core will help. You'll be able to do these at home. Think about running on a treadmill, especially if you have gym membership, apparently it's a lot easier than outside, but more boring. Might be worth talking to your doctor first to make sure he knows no reason not to go ahead. You can do it.


KittyKat is bang on with her advice. Always check with Dr. first to ensure that you're ok to get your heart rate pumping more than it usually does.

But always start reeeeeeeeally slow. The WEEK 1 is a brilliant week to do as newbies coming to it think they're going to pass out with the extreme effort your body goes through. But SLOW and STEADY is the key. Even repeat WEEK 1 once, twice or even three times if that's what's required for you to complete it successfully.

You WILL hurt for a while. I had sore legs until after WEEK 4 - not screamingly sore, just a buzzing sensation which was my leg muscles telling me - "What the HELL are you doing to me? I'm exhausted!!" Ignore your legs shouting at you. Just live through the initial soreness and gradually your body will get used to the effort.


Go for it. Good luck.


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