Shoe advice please

My wonderful new Magic shoes are pressing on the joint of my big toe and have made a lump like a bunion... I am really loathe to take them back but it's getting a bit painful. I've seen posts here about different lacing methods, could this make a difference? Do you think if I went back to the shop with them they would be able to help me with this?


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    Found this Curly may help :D

  • Thank you. I've had a feel around inside the shoe and I dont think now it's the laces, but this will be helpful for another time.

  • Hi Curly, if you search the site for 'shoe laces' you will find a post from Bazza about 7 months ago with a link to different methods of tying your laces. Sorry - If I were more technologically savvy I would have inserted the link here!

    I would vote for taking the shoes back - you can't afford the slightest issue with how your shoes fit. If it hurts your feet, it makes you run differently and that sets up strange aches , pains and strains elsewhere.

  • Yes, I think you're right, I'll take them back. x

  • Oh no - that's a pain. I have bunions on both feet - had one 'removed' in 2010, which was what led to my legs and feet being so stiff and sore ever since ... till I started running. I hope you get some joy from the shop - it doesn't sound as if re-lacing would make enough difference if they are rubbing on your foot ... good luck ...

  • No, I'm now fairly sure it's not the laces, I've triid with the laces really loose there and just tight at the top...

  • I know you will have checked this and probably nowt to do with it, but just in cases because you are sooo in lurve with them shoos ... make sure it is not your sock seam over the toe. I have a pair of socks I had to ditch because of similar thing in regular shoes.

  • No, it's much lower down than that unfortunately. I wish it was something so simple. I think possibly they might be faulty.

  • I will, I can show them the bump on my foot!

  • The shop is really really helpful and I'm sure they will do something, but I love my shoes apart from this!

  • Can you assess exactly what is happening inside the shoe to cause this? EG does it feel like your foot is not fitting well inside the toebox? Some people have either high arches or toes that go a bit more awry than most?

    When I first started running , I did not know what shoes to buy. The more I read , the more confused I got. But I did know that many/most running shoes that I picked up all seemed quite heavy to me and most were very "inflexible" - until I picked up a pair of NIKE Free5.0's. These things can be twisted any way you like -- so they fit my feet like a sock ( they actually feel like I have a pair of slippers on) - but are not meant to control the feet in any way. I sometimes think that I could do with a bit more cushioning underneath for longer slower runs - but I am not prepared to accept a non-flexible shoe now

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