Week9 run1...and thinking 10k in a month may be too far ;(

So run 1 of week 9 saw me running so slow i apparently looked like a graceful slowmo film (nice friends!), arguing repeatedly with myself from 30 seconds in so vehemently my lips were moving (same friends) and collapsing to the floor after 30 mins (29.21 minutes by runkeepeer but I'll take it) right next to a deer herd.

I did 2.03 miles/3.27km so I'm actually getting slower!

I'm having second (or rather 6th) thoughts about this 10k I'm signed up for in 4 weeks. To save face I'm debating acquiescing to my concerned doctor who thinks I am doing fine but tripling my distance in a month my just wreck my 40 year old arthritic joints (and confidence) completely


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15 Replies

  • Flipping Eck!

    I did a 10k with virtually NO training a few years back, other than a few lollops along a completely flat seafront and afterwards didn't run again for about 6 years, so badly was my confidence mashed! So I would think carefully about it...

    One thing you could do... I have a friend who did the Brighton Half last year, but due to illness couldn't train for it properly. So she ran/walked, much like we've been doing on C25K. Could you do that? (Cue loads of people on this forum telling us why not!) just an idea...

  • I have thought about doing that but my pigheadedness says that wouldn't be running a 10k and I kind of want to run the whole of my first race, whatever distance that may be, if only to feel good about doing it ;( the fun run in 6 weeks would be me running with my 6 year old rather than for me so somehow my mind can bypass that one as he will need to stop and start and I can't leave him can I? ;)

    I think it's casting a cloud of fear over me at the moment...I keep thinking "oh god I've got to do 3 times this and I can't lift my feet properly after 2 minutes"

  • You have a great way with words you had me giggling, this is so going to be me in the same number of weeks.. you can do it and will do it :)

  • ;) just watch for deer poo if you collapse like me...I'm not totally convinced all the mud on my running legging's bum is actually mud

  • Lol it would be probably dog muck around these parts

  • As long as it's on the outside and not on the inside, I wouldn't worry! ha ha x Keep going - you are doing great!!

  • From the sounds of things you're a long way from being ready for 5K, never mind 10K. My advice to you is to forget organised races for now-finish the program and concentrate on building core fitness with a routine of 3x 30 mins per week. Good luck!

  • Thanks michael...that's what I'm thinking, plus what my doctor thinks I should do too.

    Apart from anything else I don't want to undermine the fact I can run, albeit slowly, for 30 minutes when before c25k I'd never ever run more than 200meters and that was 20odd years ago! I'd hate to stop because I can't do x km or a certain race...

  • If you're already entered then why not leave it for 3 1/2 weeks before you decide? Finish the programme, keep running, and build up your distance in manageable incerments and see how you feel nearer the time. adding the reccomended 10% of total weekly distance to your long run each week would take you up to 7.5k in 4 weeks, and If you're running that comfortably then an extra little push might well be doable. OR it might be too much, you may find your legs need a period to consolidate the gains you have made.

    The answer is your to listen to your body. No-one on here can tell you how your legs and lungs are feeling, only you can, so just stick wth it and play it by ear.

  • Thanks rignold...I'm a bit at a loss after the structure of c25k! Should I do 3 a week with 2 at 30 mins and one being longer going for distance? Or do I add 10% to each run so 3 minutes onto each run in week 10?

    I'm aware that time may not be as good as distance as a measurement but I've grown used to time the last few weeks...

  • I agree with Rignold, I added 3 minutes each week after C25K and that worked well for me. I dont think that I would have been ready for 10K 3 weeks after C25K, but see how you feel.

    Listen to your body, and dont injure yourself.

  • You could finish Couch and then do the STepping Stones podcasts, all three of them. They are good practice and the next step after C25k

    Rig is right, leave it for now. Some people, myself included, actually prefer a 10k to a 5k as it's less frenetic. You have the time to warm up (I am very slow warmer-upper), time also to get into your stride. You are not looking for a PB here I take it. If you do run the 10 k it would have to be very carefully and steadily.

    Ignore what your mates say. It's not them that's doing it. If they are, let them go and do their own thing. You have to worry about you.

  • two 30 minute runs and one longer one is the way to progress.

    MissW raises a very good point re longer runs: I am useless for the first 15-20 minutes of a run. It takes me easily 3k to get my rhythm sorted out and to ignore all the twinges and aches that my body throws at me. When I go out for 5k runs, I am almost finished before I settle into enjoying it at all. But after that I can trog along quite happily until I feel like stopping. We are all different though, and some people I know are the exact opposite of this.

  • Thank you...I'll aim for that...I haven't got to the point yet where I can run happily but I'm sure that'll come at some point ;)

  • I graduated two weeks ago and only just hit 5k today in 37 minutes. One of my biggest worries was denting my confidence too and giving up , but doing a little extra each week makes it more manageable. I don't have much experience to offer advice but if you're anything like me , don't ask too much of yourself too soon or you might get put off running altogether and that would be a shame. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :-)

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