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Don't eat anything --

-- that your Great-Grandmother wouldn't recognise as food.

Interesting article - not directly related to learning how to run. But I suspect that many of us here have arrived here for other reasons other than a simple and sudden desire to run :)  Weight loss, for example!

It is true - it really is amazing how much manufactured "stuff" we have in our supermarkets - bottled orange juice???    Great- Grandma would be beside herself to see such a thing!! :)

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Thanks for sharing.


Really interesting!


I won't 😊


I'm a big believer in cooking everything myself. If I want chocolate cake I make it as I find it very hard to eat loads of the homemade stuff because it's so rich, but the bought stuff is easy to eat.  Not that I have that much now but if I do have it I want the good stuff.  

The one thing I will say is I am so much more luckier than my great grand mother in produce that is available to me.  She never had peppers,  aubergines, pasta, mango, olives, park Choi and so many More wonderful things I cook with on a weekly basis.  

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Good reading, many thanks.


This is a great philosophy - my sister told me about it a few years ago and I've been trying to live by it (often unsuccessfully) ever since. Although, as Realfoodieclub says, my great grandmother wouldn't have recognised a lot of the fresh food we take for granted these days. Actually, I'd never seen a red pepper or an avocado until i went to university and I don't think home made spag bol reached Yorkshire until the late 1980s!!


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