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Hi folks

Just a quickie about the LWR.

I received my starter pack the other day ; race number with timing chip and the all important tiny blue LWR Bag - the ONLY bag that the bag drop dudes will accept on the day - (as MILES_YONDER mentioned in Aliboo's post.)

Have read a few LWR posts recently and learned of the meet up for fellow C25K'ers of this forum to meet at 8:30am at The Churchill War Rooms. I hardly ever look at the facebook page so I'm not as familiar with you all on there. So I'm planning to rock up there around that time for the hopeful group piccie.

Not sure if you all read about the "give away" warm top that you should wear to the start line to keep warm? The race pack info alerts you to wear something that you're happy to give away at the START LINE which Cancer Research will either recycle or flog. Mrs Dan just dragged me around Primark where I bought a very fetching (not!) bright yellow hoodie that I will wear for this very purpose! It'll be dang chilly and I don't want frozen nipples before I even start running!!

I hope the rest of you all have received your start packs by now? I haven't been told of my start time yet, but that is supposed to being emailed, latest, tomorrow.

Run Free and Run Well dear readers! See you on the "other side".......

Yer pal


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Ooh the top sounds just the jobbie! I don't have Facebook but am hoping to meet everyone there, transport permitting. I've just been notified of engineering works on my train route! Grrrr! If I can't get there for the early meet up,hopefully there will be a few stragglers to catch up with at the end for a well deserved bevvie! Hope your legs still behaving! X :-D


Hi Dan

thanks for the info! I ve got a old jacket to deposit at start line, so I should be all sorted! :) you will be easy to spot in the yellow anyway then, think m_y mentioned a new orange top so we will have a colourful photo! Our grouppack not arrived yet but hopefully soon! See you there! :)


'ow do, Mr Dan. :-)

I can understand the thinking behind the bag drop limitations but it does limit those of us somewhat who are coming down for the one night and want to carry bits and pieces that won't all fit in the supplied bag. Not tons of stuff but I don't want to spend the entire time in my running shoes, plus I'll want a jumper for walking round London, Sharding and associated Shard souvenirs, and the journey back and so on. Plus my usual copious supply of sparkling water that I take everywhere with me. It's not a big issue and I can work round it but would rather have my rucksack with me, although I can see if I can leave it in the hotel while I'm at the race and then pick it up after. I'll e-mail them and see if they'll let me do that. I understand they may be short of space at the bag drop but it is a bit limiting; as you say, it's not the biggest of bags and at the minimum our muggle clothes have to go in there plus other bits. I keep looking at the offending article and thinking "hmmmmm, that'll never do".

Good thinking regarding a keep-warm, give-away top; I'll pick one up from Primark or SD myself tomorrow.

I look forward to meeting you a week tomorrow, Mr Dan; should be a really great day and a fantastic race. :-)


Nice call on the top Dan. Sounds like a good idea to me. Mrs GF will have her hands full with Rico so I think I'll put some warm clothes in the car for afterwards. Ran in shorts and windproof jacket and top today and was warm until I stopped. I imagine next weekend will be similar


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