Couch to 5K


I have just come back from week 5 day 2. Not a niggle. No tight calves, no complaining ankles, no sore shins.

I am obeying all the rules and taking proper rest days now. When I was trying to be all secretive and furtively scuttling out without the rest of the household finding out I had to run 2 days in a row and this was VERY naughty. Consider me sitting on the naughty step I should have been stretching my calves out on.

Once Speedy George found out I thought Hah! I will do an EXTRA flit around at the weekend! I'm all for a bit of rule breaking but it really did set me back and dented my confidence because my legs were SO sore. After my mega-slow lurch around on Tuesday when I was taken over by the wheelbarrow and 2 rest-days (although probs walked/ran about 4km at work yesterday but I can't do anything about that) I felt so much better today. Having spent a good 10 mins stretching out when I got home, my legs feel warm and tingly and happy now.

Come on Sunday, and day 3!

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You have seen the light - push yourself too far too soon and only bad things will happen! Sounds as though you are on track for a comfortable 20mins on Sunday then. My legs just felt like pieces of dead meat when I got back this morning because I pushed myself a bit hard. Twit!


oops dont want to be on that naugthy step !! rest days are good ,stretching after runs is good :D well done , run3 will be no problem :D


Hi Allie, I can't wait to hear how you get on with run 3. I'm one run behind you - I'm heading off on W5R2 tomorrow and it can't come fast enough for me! Good luck on Sunday and let us know how you get on. I'm sure there'll be no more naughty step for you!


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