I like Coach Jenny Hadfield

Although I am currently doing a 16 week plan by Jack Daniels - I have always been attracted to Jenny Hadfields running plans jennyhadfield.com/training-... -- but also by her articles in Runners World runnersworld.com/person/jen... The very fact that she co-authored a book called "Running for Mortals" and "Marathonning for Mortals" tells me that her training methods are more down my running street than many others.

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  • Thanks for sharing this Bazza! I'm brand new to this running malarky and have had quite a lot of calf issues in the past so i like the even gentler plans that she has to build me up! I've printed them off already - much appreciated :-)

  • Just what I was looking for. Thank you Bazza

  • Thanks, Bazza! I notice that she has an 8k training plan, too. This sounds less daunting than 10k!

  • Although it's over 10 months since I started running I've never followed a plan to date, think I'll have a go once my hip is easier. Thanks Bazza!

  • 18 months (am so proud of myself I can't let the typo go).

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