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Longer gaps between Runs

Last weds was my last C25K run which was Week8 Run 1. I haven't slept well all week and missed my Friday run and Sunday was a charity Rainbow Run so didn't want to run Saturday and tire myself out for the Sunday run.

Now I haven't managed to start running again as my shoes are stained green and haven't bought my new pair yet!

In terms of getting back into the podcasts I am worried if I continue with week 8 I might not be able to do it again. Would people recommend going back to Week 7, or even week6. It feels like AGES since I last ran before work yet its only been a week!

Many thanks for any advice!

P.s Everyone should do a Rainbow Run - blooming loved it! But do wear old clothes/trainers etc!

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Do the stains on your shoes stop you running in them? Ha ha, I think you just need to get out there and carry on. There's not much of a difference between weeks 7 and 8 - I would just see how it goes. I bet you'll be fine!


Haha no!! *hangs head in shame...* - I washed them to try and rid them of stains and they've been drying out. But waiting for Saturday when I can buy new proper running shoes! Now you've said it, I forgot there is only 3mins difference between the podcasts! *doh*


I've had a week off due to a calf strain but felt fine running in terms of breathing etc. But yeah, don't worry about funny looking shoes - get out there!


That's a good un!!!! I couldn't run cos my goldfish died!!! Ha ha

Sorry. Where were we. I would try for the next run rather than re-visit past ones. If you find you can't hack it then by all means go back. I don't think having a week off will make that much difference.

Have fun out there. This is not meant to be a punishment. Enjoy yourself!

Good luck


When my goldfish Dennis ( Rest in pieces ) died, I went out and did a run and dedicated it to him. Oh, I do miss you my little friend :-D

I agree with Miss W, try for the next run, if its too much you can always go back to the one before. Good Luck , don't let it worry you too much, deep breaths, you can do it :-) xxx


I think I am just being lazy and need some enthusiasm to get back out there! Thank you all!

RIP to all your poor Goldfish. My next run shall be for them!


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