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Stoopid Garmin

Went for fast 5k today. Really tough as last night we went to friends and over indulged. Set garmin to beep if I went too slow. It did when I was going up a long hill. Got to 3 miles ran a bit extra 5k was done in 28 mins - not too shabby. Hit the save button. Garmin locked up - doh!

Holding the power buttin down for 15 seconds resets it and the activity was still there but saved with the 31st December 1980 date. Used an online site to recover the data but lost the splits.

Overall pace was 9:02mins / mile which is nice and quick. Now off to walk the dog in the lovely sunshine. Bit chilly out though.

Happy Running all

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Very annoying. Lets hope it was a one off. They can be very frustrating. Mine sometimes does not show the splits but i think that's because i've fiddled about with the settings. There is often a wide fluctuation in distance when i am running the same course also my garmin time is usually about 4 seconds quicker than my official parkrun time when i would expect it to be about 2 seconds slower as i don't normally stop it immediately. On top of that the flimsy watchband is broken as it wont support the watch. When i contacted technical support they said 'good news' it happens all the time, you can buy a kit to fix it for £16.99. This is a con, if it happens all the time why don't they make a better product instead of exploiting their customer base.


That sounds like a real pain. My band is ok so far but I'll keep an eye on it now


Splits or no splits, it's a very respectable speed. You should be proud of yourself :)


Thanks Tomas


Great speed there and a great psychological boost. Just what the Doctor ordered before your Winter 10k. Well done m'dear :).


Thanks Epic Mum. Went back to my trail shoes which were comfy but will have to give the road shoes another outing this week


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