Couch to 5K

Wk6r2 with no coffee (ugh!!)

I forgot to drink my morning coffee before I went out.

Never, ever again!

I ran/walked the first mile (after the warm up) in 13.53 minutes so not too bad but the second 10 minutes were brutal. My legs ached for the first time in weeks and I found it hard to breathe.

I'm half nervous about 6:3 but I'm not sure that running constantly is harder than stopping and then having to start again. I think, mentally, keeping going is easier.

I've also found that slowing down makes it harder both physically and mentally...I'm not fast by any means but if I go slower I find it hard to keep my feet lifting off the ground

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Are you sure it's the coffee ? Lots of us found W6 unexpectedly hard, I don't know why that should be but maybe you have just been struck with the curse of W6..It will soon be over though ! Well done for completing the run though.


henpen is right, W6 is a monster! I too find it easier to go a bit faster, and continual running is easier for me. Still, you should follow the programme, it is structured to get you there in the end.. good luck x


Week 6 was my worst week. However I'm also rubbish without coffee. Maybe it's the. Cheshire way :) ;)


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