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Back to square 1

Hello, all you lovely C25k people!

I did the programme in 2012 and graduated, got fit, lost weight, was running up to 8 miles. Then I got a new job, involving long and irregular hours, plus the teenaged son developed attitude, particularly with regard to getting up for school in the mornings and I knew that if I went out for a run he'd sleep till midday. On days I'd earmarked to run it was hideously wet or windy (I don't get any pleasure from running in pouring rain or gales). You can see where this is going...

Went along to a local running club but they were way too skinny and fit for me to keep up, especially with working irregular shifts.

So I lost my edge and then my mono and I can see my fitness has taken a huge dive.

This week, festive season over and the usual New Year, New Me feelings in the air, I have joined the Running Bug Run Yourself New and Jantastic (hope you don't mind, I have put myself in the C25k team) AND, most importantly, restarted C25k: W1,R1, yesterday. It was fine, I tried to do some gentle hills for the 60-second intervals, to challenge myself, but I am glad I started back at square1 rather than half way through, as the programme progresses at a sensible and acheivable rate instead of plunging in and injuring myself or failing.

Interestingly, I have had 6 bad colds in succession this winter, the

main thing that's different from the last couple of years is that I haven't been running regularly so I wonder if the 'feelgood factor' and fresh air of running previously boosted the old immune system!

Just like in 2012, I look forward to the positivity and support of the C25k community to get me through! I couldn't have done it without

you then and I probably couldn't now, either!

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Hey Soozz. Lovely to see you. Happy New Year! Delighted to have you on the Jantastic team again. :-)

My running over the last six months or so has been somewhat erratic due to unresolved health issues, and I have only run twice in the last month. Hopefully Jantastic will help get me back on track (I've committed to two runs per week, at present). I'm due to go out and do my first run of the New Year/Jantastic today, and am just hoping the weather improves soon, as I'm not getting on well with the cold.

I think starting again from W1R1 is a great idea. It definitely worked for me, and knowing you've successfully done it before means you don't get quite the same gremlins in your head. ;-) Hope it goes well and look forward to running 'with you' for Jantastic. :-D


Ah, lovely to hear from you, Legion, you have always been such a staunch support! You're right, knowing that I've already completed C25k makes for a different mind-set -begone, vile gremlins, I know I can do this! - and it won't do me any harm to brush up my technique in the first couple of weeks, either! See you on our Jantastic runs!


Life getting in the way is a pain but you know what to do! I think once you've been through C25K once, even if you have to stop running for whatever reason, it will ALWAYS be there for you to go back to. Well done!


Welcome back Sooz. You know what to expect this time, so you know you can do it! Enjoy yourself. :)


Great to see you back Soozz, yes you can and will do it again. Interesting what you wrote about running and cold virus immunity, I have noticed a link myself.


Great to see you back again Soozz - I'm also the mother of a teenager with attitude and I know it ain't easy! But you have done C25K once before so you will get back into this with no problems whatsoever :) Very sensible to start at the beginning - you'll soon be remembering all the cheesy music and getting those runs under your belt! All the very best with it - enjoy :)


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