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NHS C25K on Women's Running

Hello, long time no posting, I do come and read posts from time to time, but I have been somewhat lacking in input for some time (some would say that's not a bad thing).

Inspired and encouraged by some of the C25Kers, I applied for Women's Running UK's Project 26.2 and was lucky enough to win a place. This week we had the training day and following that they have published the blog and video from when we first met last month. Unfortunately much of the text about C25K was cut from the blog, BUT I had absolute control over what was said in the video at the end of my blog and hopefully got the message across :-) One of the other ladies in the project (2nd from left) is a C25Ker too!

Thought I should share. Thanks to everyone involved in NHS C25K, admins and participants, this community has kept me sane (or at a reasonable level of insanity ;-) ) for the last couple of years. Its given me so much, I thought taking part in Project 26.2 would give me a chance to give something back, and promote the programme further. Not to mention I get some coaching, nutritional advice, physio on tap and some lovely goodies.... I encourage you to apply for it next year (and you chaps, Mens Running were at the training with their boys too).



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You are truly an inspiration. Hope the training goes well. :-)


thank you, there are so many people on here who are way more inspiring, I just got lucky with the application. I certainly hope I can encourage other people to get started or keep going though, really my motivation was to get some good PR for our programme (and get some fab free kit, of course! :-) )


All sound like good reasons. ;-) But you really are inspiring, and now you will be inspiring even more people. :-)

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It looks like a great program! An ideal way to train and get the word out. Good luck with your training :)


thank you Lavender1962! :-)


Absolutely fantastic. Hope you enjoy every minute of it :)


thanks! it's going great so far, apart from my 12 mile run from hell last weekend - that wasn't so good :-o


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