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First run for the year - a slow 10K

It was purely coincidental that my first run of the year was to be (according to my JD plan) a "long run". I had been doing run/walk long runs over the past few weeks - basically running while watching my HRM and trying to maintaining a low HR.

But, I "discovered" on my phone a 2 hour long Audiofuel MP3 that I had forgotten about - and on a whim, decided that I would try it out. It has music on it which goes from 160BPM to 170 BPM - a bit slow for comfort for me really - I prefer a cadence just a little it faster - but anyway, I went with it. It was meant to be a 'slow" long run - so I took it easy and finished the 10K non-stop in 90 minutes - my long run pace according to JD is supposed to be 08:42 - 09:10, so it was about right. My HR stayed quite low for the first 5k - but started to rise in the return 5K as It was quite warm and humid and I was sweating profusely even at this slow pace. Sweating means more blood being pumped to the skin to cool down - means higher HR. Lungs and leg wise , it was quite easy , but a little tiring, for me.

I have signed up for a 10 K "race" at the end of March -- I did run a 14k race last year at 7:30 min per K - this was done run/walk - I am not sure that I could repeat that pace over 10K running non-stop , but time will tell over the next couple of months. Anyway, at age 68, I am happy with where I am at!! :)

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Great stuff Bazza, you're doing brilliantly. I suppose, in the end, none (or very very few of us) are in it to get world class times. We just want to be the fittest and best we personally can be. So whether you run or run/walk, you're still out there doing it to the best of your ability :)


Happy New Year Bazza - briiliant stuff - being able to run 10K non-stop is a fantastic achievement at any age. I did my first run/walk interval training a couple of days ago - first time I've run/walk since week 6 of c25k... and thoroughly enjoyed it - though strangely it seemed harder work than a continuous run! Keep up the good work :)

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Sounds Good to me! Can't wait until I can do the same!

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You're an inspiration Bazza, keep it up. I have a way to go before even thinking of going past 5k. Had my first run of 2015 yesterday and managed the 5k, hopefully this time next year I can follow in your foot steps. Enjoy your running and I hope you do well in the 10k in March.


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