Couch to 5K

here we go again

Yeay I got my running shoes back on this morning, after a break of 9 months. Lazy, bored of running, no time, etc etc, you name it I made it an excuse! I've been getting my head into the idea of running again for about a month, and made it out the door this morning. It felt soooo good! Week 1 run 1 felt easy and I feel good about myself. I realise more and more its all in the mind. Happy Re-Running everyone!

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Yeyy!! welcome back on board Yeshe.

Hope all goes well with the renewed interest and you quickly get back into your running groove. It feels so good and you already know it lol : )


Thanks! I'm already looking forward to next run! And its amazing to read up all you amazing people who post on this site. Inspirational.


The first steps are the hardest! You know how good it is :) good luck

Happy re-running to you :)


Thanks 68! Its good to be back.


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