It's taken a year to make changes

what does this sound like, drink wine everyday, sometimes smoke, should have put lazy booze hag that likes the good life.But have never thought that bad of myself, even with this being my Profile I wrote a year ago saying the below statement

"Trying to turn bad habits into Good.

Solid,shapely hour glass figure,slightly fat,

drinker of red wine most days,ex smoker,but still at times.

Funny tho,I like to think I'm healthy,but now mid 40's- with what I've just written -dosn't sound healthy at all.

So have brought myself a treadmill,to try to put a new good habit into my life, and hopefully push away some of those old habits.

Well I remember a post I wrote not long after that calming how good running is for hangovers etc, I guess what I didn't write is how unmotivating bad habits are,and how good the bad excuses can be.

For ages the glass recycling bin was the only thing telling the truth, my husband and I had to make changes we knew this, but saying and doing, is a bit like not only buying a treadmill but also using it. But of course, a conflicting lifestyle is not a easy one to maintain, when bad habits are due to overindulgence and weak moments, and spending money on exercise equipment dos'nt make you fit and healthy.

So that is now the next goal, yep the only story the recycling bin has been saying is food jars.

It really wasn't easy at first, lots of diet coke and good home cooking, but now is a good time to embrace the missing link in our lifestyle - Excercise, and I want mine to be running.

So earlier this week I started again ...Week 1, Run 1 it's now been a year since my last attempt, and this time the clouds around me of my bads habits are not feeling as dark,the excuses not whirling like the wind, and my hope of good habits like a lovely sunrise.

Today is week 1 run 2

A year has gone by and I'm glad to say I have worked very hard on those bad habits,couldn't say the last time I did have a smoke, and the red wine habit is controlled to special occasions only,

so just the growth of good routine and exercise to grow.

Here I go, I'm ready this time :) xxx


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20 Replies

  • Hey Kitty Kat, thanks for your reply, it's very soul strengthening

    Merry Christmas to you too

  • thats a very inspiring post Siltoe, sounds like you're in a positive place now and ready to tackle c25k head on! You've done really well changing your habits already, make sure you keep posting and let us know how you're getting on, Good Luck, i'm sure you will succeed! :)

  • Hi Aliboo I'd love to have some company on this journey and give you a update. I see you have graduated, well done.

  • it will be my 1 yr anniversary of starting c25k on 2nd jan! completed my 30th parkrun today, and a 10k race in October. I'm not that fast but am really pleased i took it up, and the forum has become a lovely part of my life, there are loads of great positive people on here to help you on your way, you'll be fine ! :)

  • Hi Aliboo I'd love to have some company on this journey and give you a update. I see you have graduated, well done.

  • As you are probably aware, there are loads of us that want to see you succeed, we will all be looking forward to your updates. Lots of bad things can get addictive, but good things like running do as well. Enjoy your journey. :-)

  • Thanks Andy, as they say, can only put one foot in front of the other, and the best thing to do is make a start , I've started and looking forward to the good habits.

  • Good luck - we'll all be cheering you on!

  • Thank u

  • That's very similar to my experience of the year too. I have been a regular drinker since my 20's. Wine mainly but vodka and cider too. I've known for years I needed to get a grip of it for my health.

    In July i finally admitted I had a problem (to myself) and just stopped. I kept a diary. When I felt like a drink I made a cuppa and wrote my feelings down and analysed them. There were bad times but I have never slipped and looking back it was a lot easier than I ever thought it would be.

    I did Dry October - just because I could, I have now started to have a drink for a celebration. Christmas with my family, the work night out (just two wines and wanted no more while everyone got smashed) and the occasional meal out with my partner. I'm thinking of having a Dry 2015. What an achievement that would be!

    I graduated c25k April 2013 and it's been so much easier to improve and stick to since July.

    Good luck with your journey :-)

  • Hello Deekay, that's so impressive. Well done and I keep my fingers crossed for your dry 2015. Keep on running!

  • Hi Deekay, wow great post, does sound very similar, we have dry July here, even thou we started mid June, we used the dry July to keep it up, then just said we have kept going, went 6 months, but same as you just couple for a few events, really like the dry 2015 approach, you will have to keep me updated.funny I still prefer to drink out of a wine glass, and have found folks, see a wine glass and assume it is wine ;) We have a very large social group of friends, there always seems to be reasons for drinks.

    Have you noticed much difference in your running and motivation, the healthy approach must make a difference.

    Love to hear your updates

  • Siltoe, what an impressive post! Well done so far and I wish you tons of success so that you will graduate in a couple of weeks, too.

  • Nothing like saying it from the heart, calling a spade, a spade. Its very healing to be so honest, and something wonderful about this forum being so open and postive, along with moving on to achieve running 5 km with like minded folks

  • Good for you - you wont regret it. Be a regular poster here, it really will help to keep you going. Personally, I'd forget the treadmill and head outside! Even in the cold and wet, running outside beats running on a treadmill any day (in fact, cold and wet is probably my favoite type of weather to run in, so long as there's not too much wind - not something I ever expected to hear myself say!). It won't be long before you are as hooked as the rest of us, which can only mean a healthier 2015. Wish I'd started years earlier.

  • Hi snailspace, hehe, love it, I did smile reading your reply, I too liked running in the rain but that was because I could wrap up and have no one recognise me, wasn't so good once the sun and dog walkers came out, and it's always windy here.Big hills and wind, maybe once I settle into feeling fit, and more confident, I might break out into the fresh air.its now summer, so everyone is out, especially this time of year, I know no one really cares, but sadly I feel so self aware puffing away... one step at a time ;)

  • Siltoe,

    I think intention wave like the ebb and flow of the sea. But eventually, the sea erases eh drawing you made in teh sand. the drawing are bad intentions. They get erased little by little. I fyou take the steps and inscribe your goal in your mind, yu will get there. come back here and get more inspiration on how to progress with motivation, and you'll get there! Best wishes towards a wonderful progress in 2015!

  • Hello Helingmic, I really like picturing the drawing in the sand, with the waves coming and going but still making a impact.

    I woke up this morning to all these wonderful messages, most certainly motivating, thank you.

  • Welcome and Good Luck to you ! I used to smoke like a chimney and liked a drink, but now I don't do either and feel loads better for it :-)

    I used to be really self conscious at first when I went out, but now it doesn't really bother me. This programme has definitely changed my life in many ways.

    Keep posting , it would be great to hear how you are progressing . All the very best to you xxx

  • Hi Poppypug, you just reinforce change is a good thing, glad to hear you don't miss it.

    You make me think of a quote that I like

    "Without change ,there would be no butterflies "

    Wonderful encouragement, thank you

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