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Advice please

I would like to run again. I am 72 with two prosthetic knees.. Ran the L marathon when I was 47 , some 25 years ago. Not a fantastic time, but I did it. Stoop idly didn't keep it up.

Just been diagnosed with diabetis 2, would like to challenge it and get rid of the 3 stone I amassed. Don't want to damage myself but fed -up with this rut I,m in.

Advise anybody please. Fancy couch to 5k

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I started running 12 months ago at age 67 - had never really run much before .

I started off doing this 7 week Mayo Clinic programme before doing the 9 week C25K programme. The Mayo Clinic programme is much gentler than the C25K programme - and is a good lead-in to it.


It might be a good idea to chat with your GP first. His advice should give you a clue as to whether it's a brilliant idea or not. But well done for contemplating running again, hope GP's advice is positive!


Hello. Sorry to hear you have developed diabetes but well done on the decision to challenge it! Some form of exercise would definitely be a good idea and, if you haven't already, it might be worth starting out with some walking. With the prosthetic knees it is definitely a good idea to talk to your doctor or consultant as running is a high impact sport and there are varying opinions as to what type of sport you should do with that. You might find this brief article of interest to take with you and see what they say

Wishing you all the very best and hope you get the outcome you want :)


Consider where you are going to run... my father is still running in his 80s (and at the gym/aquafit nearly every weekday), no prosthetic anything. He has never run a marathon and when I asked him (years ago) why not he said because he likes his joints too much to do all that road running.

The best form of exercise for you is the one you enjoy and will actually do and keep doing - and it sounds as though you really fancy giving running a go and have some history with it. Medical opinion will be useful but you'll need to know where the person is coming from and be clear about what your intentions are - it isn't as simple as can or can't I run.


I believe it can be done, but please, please see the quack first.

Good luck when you start, and keep us posted.


I should think it would be fine if you are careful, have proper shoes and take it easy. If I were you I would get back in touch with the consultant in charge of your care when you had your knees replaced, the replacement bits come in different materials as does the cement used to put them in with. Also some advice from a physio would be good. It would be terrible if you rodgered your bionic knees! Good Luck!


You know what, that's such an excellent post. Here's me sitting worrying whether starting this running thingy at 39, nearly 40 years old is a bit late (having not done anything as remotely sporty) , and there you are hoping to give it a go at 70, and the marathon at 47. Fair play to you and to all of us for having a go I say. Hope the docs give you the go ahead, like to hear how you get on with it all.


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