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Holiday Running and Running adventures in 2015

Holiday running didn't happen - tried running along the beach and we kept sinking in the wet sand only managed 3km hard work on sand plus it was very humid. Then I tried running along the Rambla and i just couldn't run. So today was my first proper run since 6th Dec - managed 5km and forgot just how much i missed running and how great it feels. Having said that i am not doing a 10km race on saturday - 2 reasons - i just don't feel like it plus there is no t-shirt (i know how that sounds) but i might change my mind.

We have been uncertain if our South American adventures will be continuing in 2015, but we now know we will staying in Chile - so the first thing my partner said when he found out is "i will be running we run santiago next year!"

Out on my run today i thought what races will i do next year -

March - Brooks Running Tour - 10km i will be aiming to do all of them, there is one in may and august too

April- still considering hm - i want to do it but at the moment the heat makes it so hard, so the idea of running 10km + is very difficult.

May - Wings for life race ? I have now seen the park its due to take place - its more like a wasteland than a park - i would have preferred silverstone - so not sure now

October - Lanpass 10km

Nov/Dec- We run Santiago

That is it so far until all the races are published on

Other aims - Improve 5km time, sub 60minutes for 10km and run hm distance at some point

What will you be doing in 2015? Do you have any aims for 2015?

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I've heard that running in the sand is very difficult but a great workout if you can do it!

Gosh you have a lot planned for next year Vixchile! Funny I was searching today for a 10K I can do in 2015 and I'm very shallow as I want a medal so I'm not even considering those that don't have them! There's a 10K trail in the Forest of Dean in May which I'm tempted by, there was one closer to me but it's VERY hilly and I don't really want to take on big hills in my first race! Also, I hate running in the heat (don't know how you do it) so the summer months are out. Oh, decision, decisions. What's a runner to do?

I've just checked out the Wings for Life race at Silverstone. That looks interesting, so might check it out in more detail. I recall that you did one of these this year?

Thanks for posting. It's time we all started thinking about it!

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Thanks for the post Vix! It made me check out the upcoming MEC runs for next year (cheap chip timed runs). I signed up for all seven runs they offer picked a smattering of 5 and 10ks, with a 15 in September and a half marathon for October! Frightening because now it's real!


I ran the morun this year which was my first 1pk. I'd recommend them the medal was cool if that's something which motivates you! The women's running series of 10k are well recommended if one is near you.


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