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Treadmill v outdoors


I normally run outside but will be away with work for the next 2 weeks (sadly no exotic locations). As I dont know the areas very well that I'm staying in I intend to use the various hotel gyms. I've never run "properly" on a treadill before & am a tad wary. Any tips for helping me not fall on my a**e would be most welcome. Its mostly pacing myself I'm concerned with.

Many thanks in advance.

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Or you could just find a suitable run near to where you are staying:

That'll stop you falling off the treadmill. In my opinion there is nothing more depressing that the gyms in hotels.


Sorry I can't help you there as I never have either. If I go anywhere new I just do a there and back so then I don't get lost??


I'd give the machine a wide berth and go for a proper run outside on terra firma. Outside is where it's at. Yay! Just do it

Have fun!


You should post on here where you are going Might well be fellow c25ker nearby who could suggest safe route or even meet up with you


Thanks all. I guess its the security aspect thats on my mind most. Lone female running in a big city not knowing where's safe & where's not (or as safe as anywhere can be).

I'll take a look at that link MarkyD & thanks for the suggestion Fitfor60 I might just try that.

Will let you know how I get on.☺


My tip is don't turn sideways on a dreadmill....even when you think it is almost stationary......I did this while doing gait analysis the other day......You live and learn.


My advice is start slow and increase your speed gradually otherwise it will suddenly go fast!! Know where the stop button is. Try not to look down cos you will get dizzy. Look ahead. Have music as its v boring. I don't know how I managed it so long. Love outdoors now!!! Good luck!!!!


I recently used a treadmill quite a bit - while on a cruiseship. I think that they do have a place in our running. I think the secret is to overcome the "boredom" by playing around with the various programmes that they allow you to do. I also used my HR monitor with them and found that running for quite a long time and maintaining a constant HR was good (I find that maintaining constant HR outside is very difficult)

I also will be away from home for almost two months in a couple of months time - some places I will be able to run outside but others (like Las Vegas - staying in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip) will necessitate the use of the treadmill.

I did find it quite difficult to get back to road running after using the treadmill for a while.


If your going to use a treadmill ensure you set it to 1 deg incline up. This gives a more realistic level for running simulation. Like said before inc speed slowly and you should start to jog a little at about 5kph for running it's about 6.5 to 7 for starters. At about 10 upwards your running fast. Most important clip the safety stop clip to your clothes incase you fall over treadmill rash hurts as much as Tarmac and gravel rash lol. :) J


As above. Start slow. Most important, don't try to get on/off while it's moving.

Take headphones, the main problem with the treadmill is boredom. Does my head in, but it's great for running at a set pace.


The hardest part of the treadmill is getting it to the right speed. It's always tough at the start when it's going too slow and you're half trotting. You'll settle in after a minute or so


I hated the treadmill at first, forced inside as it was too hot outside. At first time seemed to go slowly but now I just put the tv on and usually after an epoisde of Big Bang or something I am have nearly done five 5km, listening to music also helps. I would follow the advice above start slow, if you can manage that speed increase it but don't from 8.9 to 9.4 just increase your speed by 1. I also pick a hill setting but that because I have a race and I have a bit of climb but it's great, another reason to make sure you are going slow because you don't want to be struggling as the machine increases the incline. my machine tells me my pace which is handy as I know from my Garmin what my average pace is so increase the speed to match this.

What I do feel is the treadmill is better for my joints, do I want to run outside -yes. Do I worry about getting up early and running in the dark yes, so I would say give it ago. It's taken me 6weeks to like the treadmill but sometimes it's what you feel comfortable with. I feel more comfortable getting on the dreadmill than running feeling I have to look over my shoulder and worry about bins (I live in santiago), do what's best for you.


Thank you all. Using the treadmill is an interim measure but I just didn't want to make a complete a**e of myself. Mind you no one knows me there so do I really care as long as I stay upright, am running (with Laura in my ear of course) , keeping on track (pardon the pun) with the programme & staying injury free. It'll make appreciate my outdoor runs all the more when I'm back home again at the weekend.

Your words of wisdom are much appreciated particularly the speed advice from Jase44.

Bazza1234 your trip sounds infinately more enjoyable than mine. Have a fab time ☺


I quite fancy having a go on a treadmill - so go for it and enjoy.

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