Half a night in the ER!

Hmm - well there goes my first "hard" run of my Jack Daniels programme - was supposed to go out 4.30AM this morning and do a simple 2x1mile tempo run at 7:20 mins per K with a 1 minute break in between - to do this, I was going to run 12 minutes, walk 1 minute and repeat once more. At the pace quoted that would have got me close to a mile for each leg .

BUT - instead , I decided that it might be more fun to take my next door neighbour to the local hospital ER around 11 last night and return home at 2AM - whereupon, I then tossed and turned in my bed until 5AM - and now I feel just a tad tired and not feeling very much like playing Jack Daniel's games!!



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19 Replies

  • Jack Daniels? Micro Breweries? Do I detect a pattern here? Whatever next? A chateau Lafiitte '69? A South Australian Chardonnay?

  • Have to say I was thinking Jack Daniels was the bottled stuff too... very good of you to help your stricken neighbour Bazza, hope you catch up on the lost sleep.

  • Oh dear. I hope your neighbour is okay. Never mind - can always run another day.

  • Ah Bazza, best laid plans and all that .....

    I am sure your neighbour is very grateful for your help, a good neighbour is worth their weight in gold.

    Catch up on your sleep and then you can be raring to go tomorrow xxxx

  • Heehee Pops :D Great minds think alike. We wrote almost exactly the same thing x

  • Oh Bazza your frustration at missing your run is leaping off the screen at me. Chin up matey, you did the right thing helping out your neighbour. You'll probably feel horrible and sleep deprived today, but tomorrow's another day and you'll be raring to go. Sleep well :)

  • You're a good man Bazza and will probably be rewarded with a brilliant first JD run (when you get to it) :)

  • Perhaps you could just have a nice gentle walk with your wife today?

  • :)

  • Oops - posted that in the wrong place.

    Perhaps you could just have a nice gentle walk with your wife today Bazza?

  • Hope your neighbour is ok and I'm intrigued what you do with the Jack Daniels? Whisky shots instead of energy gels???

  • Good Karma will come back to you for your good deed.

  • I applaud you for your selfless act ~ I'm sure you will get your reward in heaven!

    As for running....there is always tomorrow, and the next day...for now though, go and have a chat with Jack.

  • I hope your neighbour is ok? Save that run for another day. It's lovely when you have good neighbours.

  • Bazza, frustrating or what?!! But your neighbour will be so grateful and I'm sure you did the right thing by helping them out. Tomorrow is another day.......laa de daa!

  • That was a worrying title! Glad you're ok and hope your neighbour is too.

    With these chilly times Ii sure you could do with some of the bottled JD!

    Take care :-) xx

  • Betting you wished you'd taken the JD with you!

    Hope your neighbour is OK and you are rested.

    You are a good man and the glow of a good deed will make your run even better!

  • Read the title and was afraid the run had put you in A & E. So sorry for your neighbour, but glad your part was that of good samaritan. Run another day Bazza...

  • Good man Bazza.

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