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Think I've done something!!

Howdy. Well I went out today for my first run since I graduated. By heck it felt good. One problem though. After my run I felt tight in my left leg. I did my usual walk around but it felt awkward so I went over to a near by fence that was quite high. Put my foot up top and leaned into a stretch. Soon as o cot home I felt what I can only describe as a pinched nerve in the knee. As the day has gone on ive now got pain just above the knee a little to the left and also behind the knee. I went shopping and got out of the car and had a terrible pain in the calf so I did a gentle leg stretch pulling my foot towards me bum and the pain In the calf went. Urgh bloody hell, do you think I over stretched my leg after my run ??

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It is difficult to know Nicky but putting your foot on top of a fence sounds quite drastic. The NHS recommended stretches are here and are a good basic set. Take it easy, have your rest day and if the problem persists see your GP, but it will probably clear up. Running is an amazing way to learn more about your body and how it works.


Yeah it was silly of me I really regret it. I've put a tubular bandage on and I will give it some rest x


Thank you for the link by the way


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