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Wk 6 #3 Holiday run

Away for the weekend- so did the run on a new route with my son in tow for our weekend run. Just as we were leaving my brother inlaw chased us on our tails and I was a bit miffed as I knew he would want to push on much faster than I could manage- but I have to say he did really well to slow down and I did even better to speed up! Really chuffed I managed it fairly comfortably. Son did even better! Hilarious though as brother in law- then went off to do the same run again and returned in pieces and in a fraction of the time.

I have to say I feel a bit weird about not having any more walking intervals. Did anyone else feel like that? I don't think I saw quite past week 5 to be honest so this non stop running melarky is still kinda freaky- and I don't feel like the way it describes on my app- 'its a pain to stop- you may as well keep going!' Errr no not quite how I feel about it.

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I like when she says with 1 minute to go, 'why not speed up and end on a high'

Yeah right.

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Well done on the run. You will see in the next few weeks to come that stopping is a pain, once you get going and settle into a nice pace and rhythm it becomes a little annoying when something disturbs it. As the app states, it is a mind set and you will become used to it in time. Once the concept of running non stop settles in you will be fine and happily run for how ever long you need.

As for the speeding up part, i do attempt to speed up a little (ok a fair bit). More to prove to myself that i own my body and that i decide when it gets tired. Its not a massive gain in speed but now then, i push a little harder just to prove to myself that i can. All i would say is try it if you feel comfortable. You never know, you may surprise yourself.

Glad to see that you are doing well and feeling good about it. Keep it up, your getting there.


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