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Wk 6 Run 2 - last intervals!

So got up and ready this morning to be out as dawn was arriving only to still be in the dark & gloom because of fog! Still went & enjoyed my run. Slightly alarmed that it was my last one with any intervals - other than warm up from now on its all running.

It's so funny on a Sunday morning the river path I run along has a fishing competition happening. I feel myself looking at them thinking "why are you up at dawn to fish?" & feel them doing the same to me about why I'm out doing my sweaty beetroot impression?!

Happy Running Sunday to you all

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Ooh exciting! If a little daunting ;) Lovely time of the day to be out and about. I was watching the fog rise over the Straits this morning but the road I run is high enough to be out of the fog and enjoy the spectacle. Sounds like you had a great run :)


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