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Slow recovery

Been laid low for the past few weeks with a nasty combination of cough/bad throat/ear infection. I thought it was on the way out but I'm having trouble getting back into the groove. I've never been a speed demon but this week it's been a real slog. I'm hardly a veteran but this seems to have knocked me right back to almost square one. I'm going on holiday soon so hopefully a couple of weeks of Egyptian sunshine will see me back at my previous (very average) level. I am slightly concerned that I'm loosing all my previous hard work so if there are any hints or tips out there that I can use then I'm all ears :)

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Sorry to hear you have been unwell, it can really take its toll on the body so don't be hard on yourself. You may find you need to build up your fitness again gradually so you could do worse than go back to a sensible place on the programme and trust Laura to get you back up to speed. Running is for life - its only a short blip.

Enjoy your holiday!


The great thing about running is that it's always there for us so we can pick it up any time. Sickness will set us back a bit but you can start again slowly at a pace/ time that suits you. Take it slowly and you'll be fine.

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I was gonna say get some swimming done but that could be off the agenda if you have a bad ear. If you do plenty of sightseeing on foot that will help keep you fit. I envy you going to the sunshine! It will be better than medicine for you

I have an ear infection at the moment so can't go out without my ear'oles covered up. Have a lovely time


Irishprincess is exactly right. It's very unlikely your fitness will have regressed back to your pre-running levels in a few weeks, so it's just a matter of building back up slowly when you're well enough. Good luck :)


There are some 'orrible bugs around at the moment aren't there? I'm in the same place as you, I haven't run for nearly a fortnight, just can't seem to shake off this awful cough..My experience from other sports is that it might take you a couple of weeks to get back to where you were, don't push yourself too hard on your first runs after an illness, but sometimes a break can actually do a bit of good. xx


Thanks to all for the positive comments. I feel as if I'm over the worst of it & a couple of weeks of sunshine, walking round ancient Egyptian ruins and not being at work, should see me right!


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