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Gait Analysis done

Hi all, hope you are well.

I've been to a local specialist running shop and had my gait analysed. The funny thing was the lady, who was brilliant and knowledgeable, said I had a really natural running style...I lift my legs properly and my shoulders are relaxed...can't believe it as I thought I looked like an idiot !!

I'm a fairly neutral runner but land heavier on my left leg. I pronate very slightly. She is totally correct as my left shin hurts more than my right. My shoes are trail shoes ( got them due to running on the canal tow path which us pretty lethal) but aren't cushioned enough for me.

So I've come away with some sparkly new Brooks Adrenaline with 20% off, which are amazingly comfy. I had to run up and down the street which was a bit embarrassing and also on the treadmill, which was the weirdest thing ever. So glad I run outside. Didn't like the treadmill at all.

So my new shoes get their first adventure tomorrow afternoon. Will see how I do :)

barbara xx

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My wife has the Brooks Ghost 7's and loves them. She was also told she had a 'perfect' running style and a neutral gait.

She felt rather smug after being told she was 'perfect'.

Enjoy the first run with the new shiny shoes!

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I'm not very smug.....well maybe a little when I informed my husband,who is a total fitness freak and 10 years older than me!! I was just very shocked as I believed I was very awkward looking. Never run in my life. Hilarious!

Love the shoes though. Tried Nike,Asics and Brooks....and it was a close call with the Nike and Brooks. The fab lady at the shop was wearing the Brooks and she loves them, runs every day and started at 36. So I didn't feel quite so old when she told me that!!


Congratulations on your fab running style - now that is something to shout from the roof tops. I long to be one of those runners that glide along, as smooth as ice and make it look effortless.....enough of the dreaming - enjoy your new shoes !

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Crikey Vixchile. I don't glide...I huff and puff I promise you!!

I started with very stiff shoulders 3 weeks ago and must have been very hunched. I was in agony! I've sorted that now after advice on here so hopefully my shoes will stop my shin pain. :)) (it's less than it was already but super dooper Brooks I'm hoping it'll make me stop thinking so much about it whilst I'm running :) )

Plus now I've forked out £85 I have to carry on don't I :) :) :)


Hi B,

It is 'traditional' on this forum to post a photograph of new shoes. All the running junkies here love seeing pristine, shiny new trainers :-)

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Ooooooooh best do that then MarkyD


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