Couch to 5K

One week left!

And my first Garmin failure! It just wouldn't find any satellites this morning. Not before I'd completed the warm up and started running anyway. By the time I'd finished it was happily telling me that it could see them all.

Ended up just using it for keeping an eye on the time. Although it still managed to record some stats. No idea if it logged my route though. It wouldn't connect to my phone afterwards either!!

Anyway, away from the foibles of modern technology, again I grumbled at the driveways and was chased and mocked by my shadow, but despite it all I completed week 8 :)

I'm now rushing headlong towards week 9 and graduation. :D

At weight check this morning the nurse was really pleased with my progress. Had lost 0.3Kg since last week. Not the biggest amount (but still a loss) and we both decided that some increase in muscle was likely involved.

All in all feeling quite chipper today.

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Hey Peter keep going chap, one run ahead of you R2 Fri and then hopefully R3 Sun so see you at the finish line good luck !!!!!


Well done for getting to this point and you are so nearly there!

Ref your body weight, I have a set of those Tanita scales that measure body mass index, muscle mass etc through electronic pads on the scales.

I have lost weight due to the running, but the biggest improvement is my metabolic age which has plummeted from 50 (as high as it goes) to 29 (I am 43 YO), my body fat has dropped through the floor and my muscle mass has increased slightly. On a regular set of scales I would have had no idea things were changing so much!

I also have a Garmin (FR220) and it has been slow to pick up satellites lately too. It has never failed yet though, but has gone from under 1 min to around 7 mins to locate the sats. Very frustrating.

Good luck with next week!


I had Garmin problems too today! Only 3 runs left until the grand graduation party. Any weight loss is great!! You should be very proud of how well your doing!


It all sounds great Peter. Well done on the run and the weight loss. You can never rely on technology when you need it, can you?


well done,great work :D and keep at it :)


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