Hip problems

Hi I graduated in the C25K back in April up until 8 weeks ago I was running 3 x a week between 5-6k. I didn't run for 4 weeks due to a family bereavement then 4 weeks ago decided to go out for a run and ended up injuring my hip quite badly, I have rested since only doing gentle stretching exercises coupled with a course of anti inflammatories. My question is do I just go out and run again or do I need to redo the programme, I have really missed my running and am desperate to get back to it however don't want to do something which may put me out of action again, all advice welcome


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6 Replies

  • Hi. I doubt if you need to redo the programme, but I do think you need to listen to your body. Perhaps a light 'see how it goes' jog with no specific objective in the first instance. C25k is about learning how to run - you know how to run, you just need to understand when you can run.

  • Thanks Rob, I am going to go out for as you say a gentle jog tomorrow and set how things go

  • I hope it goes well. I'm with Rob, no need to redo the programme. Do you know why your hip got injured? Might be worth thinking carefully about your surfaces to help reduce the impact.

  • Not sure why I injured it, maybe didn't warm up enough, the route I took was the same road route as usual, I usually run on the beach when the weather is okay and we have light nights.

  • not sure if you will have gone out for your run yet but my suggestion would be to do be open to doing a bit of run walk run this first time back. It takes the pressure off the hips as every time you walk you ae getting a bit of recovery time. Not starting back on the programme but maybe go a few minutes gentle jog then a minute walk then a few minutes gentle jog and a minute walk... However you do it, take it easy and hope it goes well.

  • Hi thanks Lizzie beth I am going out tonight, will follow your advice and do a run walk run and see how it goes. It probably sounds strange but I am a bit nervous about it, it has affected my confidence somewhat wondering if I can still run. Thanks for advice I will let you know how I get on

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