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hello everyone, sorry but so busy with kids not much time to come on here. But been running, love my club, very small and very friendly, no pressure. got my self a gym boss and set it to run 2 minutes walk 1 minute and surprised myself by liking it, a lot. I tend not to stop at all once out so wasnt sure about this stop start lark, but must admit my time was better. I ran last Sunday, knew exactly where I was going but somehow found my self talking a left instead of the home route , then I found a public foo tpath that needed exploring, lovely, glad I found that, then I found one I recognised so ran that, got near to home and thought, damn I do not want to run Weeth Road, for some reason I hate that road, so took off at another tangent, ended up running 7k, very happy. My runs seem to have minds of their own, I know exactly where Im going but rarely follow thru ! this morning, well I truly didnt want to go but made myself, a lovely run, 6.5 k , sometimes it pays to make your self

Looking forward to hearing from you all and hearing about all your running adventures, wish I had time to scroll and look but unfortunately if I start I am here hours !

By the way, anyone else get cold arms ? everything else fine, but arms freezing !


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  • Sounds like you're fitting in lots of great runs despite being busy with the kiddies, some good distances going on! Not cold arms yet but I guess I tend to run in my jacket as I go out before it gets light. My hands are frozen for first 5/10 mins bug they do warm up after that x

  • GJ lovely to hear from you and to know you're still out there giving those pavements hell! Xx

  • Hi grannyjudes! Nice to see you on here, sounds like you're still doing really well! Have you tried arm warmers? I'd never seen them before but my OH got some for his cycling and says they are really good, might be worth a look, they are quite reasonable too :)

  • good to have an update from you...and your runs sound lovely...and yes I get freezing arms as i am still wearing a vest!

  • Great stuff GJ! Glad you're enjoying your running. I love finding new footpaths too. Keeps life interesting

    Glad you're enjoying your jog group. Me too!

  • Sounds like you're having fun! It's my hands that get cold but when it gets really freezing, I wear a compression top underneath my long sleeve tops and that really helps.

    You could try a light waterproof jacket to keep the wind off.

    Enjoy yourself GJ!

  • Sounds great. You're doing great, GJ.

  • Naughty GJ, I was worried about you! Gald to hear you're fine and still enjoying your running. I must give this run/walk stuff another go, lots of peeps here have been singing its praises... yes I get cold arms, just from the elbow down.

  • Hi sounds like you have been having a great time . Never heard of arm warmers but I put a long sleeved under my short sleeve works ok . I'm setting the gym boss to 2/1 tomorrow for my long rung your doing some long runs your self got to get back to them distances hope I can with the j. G method without all the niggles ( I'm counting on it ) I'm Julia Bata . G.J if you didn't realise , from Facebook . Keep up the good work

  • No I didnt realise !! love how I see how same people on different sites !

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