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Started week 6, with a cold :(

Having knocked week 5 on the head last week, I started week 6 yesterday morning.

Felt fine before I went but I did seem to find it harder going than I expected. I know many people say that about week 6 and the return to intervals after the continuous w5r3, but I never felt settled at all, and found it a bit labouring.

At the time I put it down, due to the change in clocks, to being the first run for a couple of weeks in daylight and missing the focussing effect of running with a head torch. I finished the run though :)

But as the day went on I started to feel more and more grotty. Until this morning where I feel like someone has been at my throat with sandpaper and when I couch it sounds like a barking sealion.

Obviously the dreaded lurgy was affecting me during my run and putting me a bit off kilter.

Other than the throat and the cough I don't feel too bad at the minute so will hopefully be ok to tackle run 2 tomorrow.

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I'd read that too about above/below the neck.

I felt reasonably OK this morning so got out and ticked off run 2 :D


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