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Hello Runnerettes!

You know, this forum is really quite a beautiful thang. One can dip in and out of various blogs from contributors and see how they're getting on, read about injuries and treatments, even about peoples moods - they're ups and downs. Each time I read one I always try and post a comment, because sometimes one can give the benefit of your experience or just offer a "bloody well done!" to folks. Without this forum I definitely wouldn't have been able to complete C25K. It was the encouragement and the "Dunkirk spirit" from everyone that got me through and oddly, today is no different.

I had no plans to run today. Having consumed a lake of red wine last night over dinner with some chums, I certainly didn't feel up to hauling my pert bottom outside. That was until i started to read peoples blogs on 'ere.......

Before I knew it, I was clad from head to toe in running gear! An electric orange lycra top, shorts with orange go faster stripes and white Asics. No phone today to measure distance and time, no watch to measure time at a glance - just me, my clobber and the great outdoors. I'd got inspired by peoples reports about their weekend outings and I thought "Why the hell not go out yerself Danny Boy?" So I did.

Didn't go out for too long. 5K went by without too much huffing and puffing and I have absolutely no idea how long it took. I didn't care though cos I just wanted to go out and sweat, and get the blood pumping, and tell myself that "today, I was doing something worthwhile". I came home feeling top knotch and even told the cats that they ought to get their arses in gear and get some air outside in the garden. Oscar turned over sleepily in his cardboard box and said "Whatevs" and Tallula looked at me as though to say " are sooooooo holier than thou sometimes". I ignored them and went off to jump in the shower!

So have a great Sunday evening folks. I'm listening to the footie on't radio and looking forward to Mrs Dan's Homemade turkey burgers and spicy potato wedges later on. Hangover food don't you know.

Tutty bye!


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Most excellent! I agree...tis a beautiful thing this forum (she says, having just exhauted herself doing odd things with her new foam roller, she found advice about on 'ere...what's all that about?!)! Happy Sunday evening :D


Ha ha, Fab post Dan, did you keep that pert little bum of yours well and truly covered up today ? :-)

Totally agree about the forum, its the most supportive, encouraging place on t'inernet , we have some right laughs too ! ( especially at the tags on your posts ) :-D xxx


I agree it's a fantastic forum. You just imagine all these c25K'ers shouting and encouraging (or giving you TLC when needed). Many a time they've got me up and out and kept me going on a jaunt.

Hubby is watching the footie. Hence why I'm on here!


Mine is too irishprincess Although sometimes if I think if I was to spend same amount of time doing housework as I spend on HU my house would be gleaming Mind my mum used to say dust will still be there next week so don't stress about it .


I know. It's a bit addictive isn't it? I'm so nosey so I like to see what people are up to!

Sorry Dan for hijacking your thread!


Agree with you Dan, the forum is brill, it keeps me running! I love to see what everyone has been up to and I have had many a smile over some of the posts. Keep it up everyone! x :-D


Great way to spend a Sunday Dan Enjoy your evening


You're so right on so many things there Dan. This forum is just great and undoubtedly contributed towards my completing c25k and continuing to enjoy running and just being so taken in by it.

I don't have time to read every day - I try to dip in even if it's just from the daily email though (it is in fact my favourite email of the day) - there's the famous names who seem to have been here for at least as long as I have, and it's great to see how everyone is getting on. And as you say, offer encouragement etc, and some advice if needed (I don't personally feel qualified to give advice other than to the newbies - I can certainly tell them this is the best thing ever and they absolutely should continue to stick with it!).

I love the fact that you hadn't planned a run but felt inspired so just went out and did one! So far (other than holiday and sickness) I've religiously run 3 times a week since starting c25k but have in recent weeks slotted in an extra cheeky run during the weekend - either a run or speed podcast (phew!) - just because I love it and just want to be outside having a run :) :)

Was out shopping with my hubby today, mooching around SD, drooling over all the gorgeous running gear while he checked out some walking stuff (we walk together - trying to avoid cows - haven't managed to get him out running though!). We then popped to Aldi for the weekly shop and he chucked in a lush pink high-vis body warmer (gilet?) thinking of me running in the cold - bless him :).

Hope your team won. Sadly Liverpoool didn't yesterday :(

:) xx


I wouldn't have finished the programme without my c25k family - I wear my little badge with pride everytime I run out my door. Feel the love Couchies... Xxx


Well done you, I chickened out yesterday, having woken up feeling a little delicate... I'm not sure about running with a hangover..


danzargo, yeah! we're all here, bruise and all! I'm in my 3rd week,. YOu know, for me, that was difficult to imagine I could go on so long. I feared to get short of breath with my bronchiectasis. BUT, my body reminded me that I am the leader of the pack (I borrowed this from the book by Cesar Millan about training dogs, he is the leader of the pack; my pack is my body with legs and organs; they all follow me - well they have too!). So really well done, you are the leader of your pack and it will congratulate you for it, because you feel better and energised. congratulations!


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