Couch to 5K

Hi wise ones!

Right, question of the day... I would like to purchase the photos taken while I was running the half marathon, now I'm sure I read ages ago to hang on as if you don't nibble a better offer will be forthcoming...

Does any one have any experience of this? If I could search on just c25k I'm sure I could find the info but it brings up every single group and I'm really not after photos of my colon.

Many thanks :0)

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I don't know but I shall be looking at the photos taken at my half m today. They are just £5 for a download and £8 for a proper print send through the post, so that's not bad. I think some are asking for £29.99! I couldn't afford that. I think you're right to haggle, after all it's not much use to the photographer is it.


I will let you know, I just don't want to loose them either (chews nails!)


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