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Back on the road

I've spent the last few weeks in the gym on the treadmill (apart from my Sunday run). This week I have the week off work so looking forward to a whole week back out on the road. I'm actually more excited about running outside than being off work for a week, what's happened to me!

I spent a couple of weeks running 5k three times a week after graduation but last week I started my next challenge to get to 10k. this week I did 4*10 min runs with 1 min walk in between that was 6.64km in 44 mins. No idea if that's good or not but I'm chuffed with it :). Next week I have 3*15 min runs with 1 min walks in between. That's 45 minutes running in total scary.

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Haha! I hear you. I've also got a week off thanks to half-term and can't wait to get outside and run... the hotel treadmill is soooo boring!

Best of luck with the journey to 10K... just take it slowly... your interval based plan sounds like a great idea...


Thanks Aussiegtc, it's just a shame we can't have a day off work on every running day ;)

I found the first interval run hard as I wanted to keep running after doing my 5k runs. I'm getting used to it now and starting to feel that it's actually possible to make it to 10k, but I promise to take it steady I would hate to get an injury.


Sounds good Bluebelle, good luck with your training and enjoy your week off , Happy Running :-) xxx


Thanks Poppypug, can't wait :)


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