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Hard Work

I started C25K in June if this year & managed it Ok. Got to be able to 'run' for 30 minutes but nit 5k in that time. I kept up runinng 3 times a week but missed the C25K programme so started a bridge to 10k programme. Pretty tough but I've kept going with it. Last night I dud a 5k charity fun run. That was my 1st experience of running with others. The majority of the entrants were much much younger than me & I started off far too fast & eneded up with a stitch - sometime that has never happened on my own. That sliwed me down & being overtaken by so many was quite disheartening but I plodded on & finished. Not quite last but no far off. I looked at my app when I was done - 6km in 48 minutes. Nit the greatest time but for me a massive achievement. Before I started with this the last time I ran was at school - 30 idd years ago. Not bad for an old bird!!

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How come you ran 6km if the race was only 5k?

Well done though, it's not a bad time for 6k :)


Hey Sharon - you should be feeling really proud, not disheartened! It was supposed to be a fun run anyway. Well done for being a part of it. Us oldies don't need to be breaking records, just being able to do it it pretty amazing! Well done.


Fab achievement! Still haven't had the guts to run with others, building up to it... Well done!!!!


Thanks folks! It was advertised as a 5k but my app told me I had run 6k by the end. It definitely felt longer than 5k! It wasn't a timed competitive run just a fun run raising funds for the local hispice. I checked tge route on map my run afterwards & tgat came out a 6k too. Still feeling chuffed tgat I managed it


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