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2nd week

As you may know, I do the cto5k at the gym.

last week, i was a bit blown out after my 3 times 60 seconds at level 6 on the static bike. This new week, I shall reduce the level a bit, as I'm going to do 90 secs. and 2 minutes calming down catching my breath. I still will do ten minutes rather than 20 minutes, as I stay at the gym after to complete my hour on the equipment.

It's a pity that the instructors know nothing about this programme. I wanted to involve them in watching me, but they are apathetic, one told me the prgramme is only for running (no imagination) and the other told me, go ahead and do it (no interest)! I shall appraise myself then!

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There is nothing to stop anyone using these podcasts for cycling if they are unable to run, well done to you for starting the program. I use a static bike & rowing machine at my gym as I'm injured just now and need to keep up my strength and stamina. Some questions for you if you want to answer them.

1, What speed are you trying to maintain when you are on the higher level (6).

2, What level are you dropping down to as a recovery level?

3, Also what's your overall distance covered at the end of your workout?

So many questions but I am genuinely interested as I have never been able to compare my workout with anyone else. You're time spent will help you but could well help others who have similar health problems.

Will give your workout a try in the morning and see what my results are too.

Have you tried rowing at all, its very strenuous but I find it has been quite addictive all these months while I've been on the injury bench.

Wishing you good luck with your program, slow and steady is the best way forward. :)


I'm very gald of your communication. Indeed, it its difficult to compare with a runner.

First of all, I had difficulty in converting the miles into kilometer, as the machinge is geeeared intoo miles. so een ewhen I converted the distance in km, the speed was still in miles and rev/min.

Her's to my best ability of my memory. (You may perhaps calculate my data and have an idea too)

For three days last week, I did 1.70km in 10 minutes (this is 1.06 miles). I start with level 2 at 50 rev/min or I think it's 6km/H. this for 2 minutes warm up

When I increase to level 6, I go at a speed of between 9.2 and 10 km/H (I think it's around 60 rev/minute) I do this for 60 secs. The catching my breath climbs down to level 4, and 49 rev/minute, but I find that my speed gets lower, as I am tired and short of breath.

Yet. I am able to start this again twice more! On Thu, I did the bike with the speed as above. I went back not to the bike after my training on other equipment, but on the treadmill, There I did only 482 metres at a speed of 3miles/hour (sorryI din't convert too tired) and the warm up was very slow 1.5mile/hour, up to the cruising of 3 miles/hour for the brisk walk in 5 minutes. I was quite out of breath after this.

Other equipment: I don't do the rowing, as it's too strenuous. I like to try to get fitter muscles at 65 years old, I don't think I'll get a six pack!

But I try: the chest press (only 7.5 kg), the pull up (only 5 kg), the leg press for both calf and hamstrings (12 kg), and a pull forth (which is sitting donw and pushing the whole chair against a resistance of 15 kg.

I do th e whole lot in an hour, 3 times a week.

In 2010, I was on oxygen. The staff was horrified to see me coming with my bottle of oxygen, aksed me credentials from my consultant and my pulmonary nurse; they all gave the green light, I was so pleased). Indeed, the gym did a miracle, After 2 months, I discarded my bottles and my home oxygen.

So, now, I carry on because I don't eer want to go back to those dreadful days!

Hope this helps with your comparison (which I would write in a table form for ease of inspection and comparison). Cheers, Mic


That's great progress Mic and thanks for all this information. You really are an inspiration for anyone suffering lung problems. I don't know how it felt but have a little idea as I am asthmatic and some days its hard to get air into my lungs.

I will take note of what I cycle tomorrow, our gym has very modern equipment and the bikes can be set to Km or miles so I will set to miles so that we can check easier.

As its coming up to much colder days your lungs will be like mine and don't like the cold air I have a Buff that I wear to keep the cold out, perhaps you could look to get one for yourself for the winter.

Will private message you my run details tomorrow and not fill the main forum with my stats.

Take care. :)


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