Taking it outside, Mark 2!

So, following the disaster of Wednesday, I thought I'd give outside running another go. I reran Run 1 of week 6, following all your advice of slowing it down and thinking about my breathing. Although I was clearly running slower than most people walk, I managed it with no ill effects, and could still talk to my hubby when I got back! Definite improvement on last week! Feeling quite chuffed now

5 Replies

  • good work Mummy-Jill :D i have only ran outside :D starting week 8 on tuesday , fingers crossed the "hurricane" has gone by the time i get home from work :D

  • Go for it!

  • brilliant...well done

  • Sounds like you have cracked it! Well done :)

  • Mummy-Jill, I feel quite chuffed for you too! Well done. You have to show your body who is the real leader, that's what it is! happy progress!

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