Just completed my first non-stop 7KM! I started slow and got slower, but I'm very happy, the furthest I had run before today was 5KM, so quite a big jump.

I was posting on a thread by Bazza a while ago, he invited us to "run 10KM with him by Oct 27th" (I think that was the date). He's done a non-stop 10KM, and so has GrannyJudes... I knew I would be behind them as I had my move from France to UK to contend with, some weeks I couldn't do as many as three runs, but watch out you two, I'm catching you up! I seem to remember both of them did thid 7KM stage, then next thing I knew they had run 10KM! Me next!!!


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  • Wow! That's SO fantastic, well done!

  • Thank you! XX

  • Well done :) That's great!

  • Good for you - I am pleased you have had a good run after your rotten parkrun on Saturday :0)...10k probably just around the corner ;0)

  • Thank you, I think I really prefer running on my own and at my own pace..10KM seems like a dream, but then it all does doesn't it? Remember those early runs of 60 seconds and how terrified we were of the ext week?

  • You're right, I was just thinking that this morning while pushing through the final half k of my 5.2k morning run :-)

  • I remember it so well - I still can't believe it when I run for 30 whole minutes. Let alone the occasional 5K.

  • Well that's pretty impressive. I've yet to get past 4k in the 30 mins, but I'm still gettin' out there and doin' ma thang!

  • Shh, don't tell, this took me over an hour! Nowhere near 4K in 30 mins yet, just wanted to see if I could do it! x

  • I was looking at your route again and picturing it in my head. I used to live in Saffron Walden and often went into Cambridge. What a lovely run that must be :0)

  • I live near the river, it is indeed a lovely place to run. I went down to the Green Dragon, then back up the BoardWalk...

  • I would never have gotten past the Green Dragon!! :) I love English pubs ( and ale)

  • Well done you, I must admit i'm a bit scared at the thought of doing more than 5k, no idea why! You will be at 10k before you know it :)

  • Way to go!! That's great stuff. Well done you x

  • Brilliant!! As I was getting into my stride on yesterday's run (that's the bit just before the end, in my case), I wondered if I would ever be able to run longer distances and, if so, if my knees would join me in appreciating my efforts (rather than complaining the next day, as they currently are...). Well done on your 7k! 10k not so far away ;-)

  • Well done that is fab

  • Well done you, that's a great achievement! You should be proud of yourself! :)

    (but be careful with those large jumps... it's fine to do it occasionally, but don't push so hard that you injure yourself)

  • Thanks, I'm aware of that, seen so many here get injured... next time will be 30 mins or 3.5KM. I have no desire to run these kinds of distances every time, more than half an hour and I begin to get bored!

  • Hey, congratulations Curly. 5k to 7k is a fairy big jump in one go, so very well done. You'll be hitting 10k in no time. What a lovely place to run too. Daughter no1 has just started uni in Cambridge at Girton and I'm constantly amazed by what a beautiful place it is. :)

  • It is indeed! I'm so happy to be home, going to run some great routes!

  • Fantastic!!!! My OP about running 10K by 27 Oct has gotten buried in all the other posts in this Forum. :) But that date was simply the time I had before we go on Sea Princess goo.gl/BhcaJT for two weeks to NZ. I am sure however that you aren't far behind and when I get back , you will also have done the 10K.

    For me , running 10K was a bit of a goal to achieve -- but I have always said that what I REALLY want to be able to do is to "run easily" ( forgetting completely about pace) for almost any distance. I think that I am getting close to being able to do that.

  • Your ship looks lovely, hope you have a better trip than the one I did last week through the Bay of Biscay! I agree, easy running is more important than distance, I find for every step forward the shorter distances get easier if you know what I mean - once I could do 5KM, 3.5KM felt so easy when before that it had been really hard work.

  • Nice work CG. That's pretty close to 10k you know....

  • Superb effort. Well done! Appears you've got the long distance running bug too... :) I love the longer runs... never too worried about pace and constantly amazed that at the right level of intensity you almost feel you go on forever....

    10K isn't far away now... :) Go for it (slowly!)... :)

  • Thanks Aussie! Not sure I could go any slower!

  • Well done Curly - great going

    :-) xx

  • Way to go to pile the pressure on CG ;)

    Seriously though, I'm so proud of you! I am aiming to do one 'fast' run a week, 1x 5k run and a leisurely slightly longer run (10% further every week). I was inspired by your post where you ran around your home town so once a week I'm just going to get out and run, albeit a slightly longer run.

  • Yes, that's pretty much what I'm doing, I did "Stepping stones" this week, and finished it! I had to collect a prescription from my docs, so I ran there and back, 3.5K each way, although I walked a bit on the way home..going to try Stamina again this week, it's interesting to see that what was impossible a few weeks ago is now possible! Trying to mix it all up, and do as many interesting runs as I can...I'll be back in France in March, there's very little choice of route there, so I'm enjoying Cambridge as much as I can while I have the chance.

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