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Fingers Crossed For A Winning Winter!

OK, I confess, my title is a little misleading. I have no plans to enter a race or to try to win anything (except maybe the Lotto). I am simply hoping that the last few months of 2014 will be the best ever. How so, you ask?

Hopefully things will go like this:

a) Monday 3rd November - start new job after MONTHS of searching - woohoo!

b) Before Christmas - move into our new home - offer accepted - solicitors & surveys are in the pipeline - eeeeeek!

c) Before the end of the year, get back to running 5k at least twice a week (health permitting) & to start doing my Kettlebell workout DVD again

Anyway, I have been mixing my running up a tiny bit by adding inclines to the end of each run - I'm hoping that doing this in conjunction with intervals will help make running 5k regularly that bit easier. But like I said, fingers crossed!

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sounds like a good year to me...well done, and good luck on the new job.


Sounds like you're on a winner all round :) Congratulations!


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